To The People Who Refuse To Dig Themselves Out Of Loneliness

Xavier Sotomayor

I hope you know that you’re not alone. I hope you have faith in God and the people around you that they’re capable of getting you out of your loneliness. They’re capable of getting you out of the darkness. They’re capable of showing you their love.

I hope you know that loneliness is not the answer. It’s not where you belong. It’s not what life comes down to. It’s not your sanctuary. It’s not your final destination.

I know you’re content with it because it’s safe. I know it’s better than getting close to people who leave or counting on people who let you down. I know it’s better than being around noise or people who don’t understand you but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It doesn’t have to be black or white. There’s a way out. There’s a happy medium. There’s somewhere in the middle.

It starts with a little bit of faith, it starts with a small risk, it starts with letting someone in gradually. It starts with stepping out of your comfortable little bubble. It starts with sharing bits and pieces of yourself with people who are curious to know more about you and your story.

I hope you understand that sometimes showing people your vulnerabilities will only make you stronger and showing them who you really are will make them love you even more. I hope you realize that some people out there will see all your dark sides and stay. 

I hope you understand that loneliness will never save you from pain or hardships or stop life from having its way with you. I hope you know that loneliness will not change how you feel or who you love or who you miss or what’s happening inside you.

I hope you learn how to let people in. I hope you learn how to call people when you need them. I hope you don’t shy away from telling someone that you miss them or that you love them because sometimes that’s all they need to hear from you so they can be there for you and ease your lonely nights. They want you to realize that they’ve been waiting for you to extend your hand before they hold you in their arms.

I hope you finally learn that loneliness is not safe. Loneliness will never feel like home. Loneliness is not something you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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