All She Ever Needed Was A Chance


She wasn’t asking for a fairytale. She wasn’t asking for a love story. She wasn’t asking for forever. All she ever needed was a chance. All she ever wanted was more time with you.

She wanted to spend more time with you because there’s so much she wanted to tell you and so much she wanted to ask you. She wanted to see your softer side and show you hers. She wanted to describe exactly how you make her feel and why she thinks you’re so special. She wanted to tell you how incredible she thinks you are.

She wanted to be there for when you’re down and fill the void that’s been haunting you, fill the emptiness you feel inside and put an end to your lonely nights. Even though she’s been lonely, she never really looked for just anyone to fill that void. She was waiting to meet someone who intrigues her, someone who moves her, someone who makes her look forward to tomorrow. And she found all that in you. At least that’s what she felt and she wanted to know for sure.

She simply wanted the chance you give other girls. She wanted that one date. She wanted the opportunity to have a deep conversation with you. She wanted to go dancing with you, she wanted to have fun with you, she wanted to meet your friends, she wanted to learn your favorite songs, movies, and which team you secretly root for. She just wanted to be your side; as a friend or maybe more. She wanted to be a part of your life or maybe a part of your heart.

She’s not mad at you for not reciprocating her feelings, she’s mad at you because you didn’t even try. She’s confused. She doesn’t know why you would assume that you two are not compatible when you didn’t even have a real conversation with her or why you would assume that she’s not your type if you didn’t really give her a chance to see your life and see whether or not she’ll fit in it.

She doesn’t understand how someone can make such a decision based on a few shallow interactions or what others have said about her. But there’s only so much she could do. She tried to get you to spend more time with her but you kept pushing her away. She tried to show you that she cares about you and your story but you kept making her feel like she’s not worth your time.

And she’s over wanting to spend time with people who don’t give her any of theirs. She’s tired of asking someone for the easiest thing they could give her — a chance. A first chance. The chance they give everyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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