The Right Man Will Love Everything The Wrong Man Walked Away From

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The right man won’t be intimidated by you. He won’t be intimidated by your success, your independence, your honesty or the way you love. He won’t be intimidated by your strength, your versatility or your passion. He won’t be intimidated by the things that make you great, he’ll only reinforce them, he’ll make them shine brighter and he will always be the first to push you to continue being great and only become better.

The right man won’t be afraid of your family. He won’t be afraid of your strict father or your overprotective brother, He won’t be afraid of your strong mother or your blunt sister, he won’t be afraid of that kind of pressure if it means making you happy, if it means getting closer to you and if it means getting to know who you really are and what your family is really like. The right man will embrace your crazy family, he will embrace everything you love and hate about them. He’ll try to see them through your eyes.

The right man will not shy away from confrontation. He will listen when you have something to say, he won’t always wait for you to initiate tough conversations, he won’t mind discussing your problems, your feelings and your needs with you. He will not make you feel crazy or dramatic for opening up, being real or being honest. He understands that a relationship with two adults will have some disagreements but there is always a way to handle them instead of avoiding them.

The right man will not make you feel worse about your weaknesses or your insecurities. He won’t do what aggravates you on purpose, he won’t try to make you jealous by showing off how many women want him, he won’t say things that make you uneasy or things that make you question his intentions and feelings. He won’t make you insecure in your relationship with him. He will make you feel important. He will make you feel safe. He will constantly let you know that he only has eyes for you.

The right man will simply try to do anything to be with you and stay with you. He won’t find excuses to run away or reasons why it won’t work out.

He won’t let small barriers stop him or blow minor problems out of proportion. He won’t wait until everything is perfect or until he’s fully ready to commit. He will jump in with both feet because the thought of losing you makes him sick, the thought of you being with someone else terrifies him and the thought of him loving someone else drives him crazy.

The right man will show you how a true gentleman acts, he will put all these cowards, liars and cheaters to shame. He will make you understand the difference between a real man and a confused boy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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