Sometimes Your Heartbreak Saves You

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Sometimes it saves you from further heartbreak.

It saves you from someone who was only going to get worse, someone who was only going to break your heart even more. It saves you from building a home that could’ve easily fallen apart or building a false connection with someone who wasn’t planning to stay. Sometimes it saves you from someone who was going to blind you from seeing the right person, the person who will give you everything you’ve been looking for.

Sometimes it saves you from self-loathe.

It saves you from staying in toxic relationships. It saves you from staying in situations that mirror your previous heartbreaks. It saves you from allowing yourself to be treated poorly or staying with someone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re good enough. It saves you from seeing yourself solely through someone else’s eyes. It saves you from giving up on yourself and love. Sometimes, it’s the fuel you need to love yourself, to focus on yourself, to find what you’re passionate about and find your own voice. Sometimes, it’s how you find yourself.

Sometimes it reawakens your faith.

It brings you closer to God. It makes you more spiritual when you try to understand your pain and where it’s coming from. It makes you see the world differently; it makes you wiser and humbler when you realize that you can’t get everything you want and you don’t have control over other people’s hearts. It teaches you how to seek love and guidance from God and have faith in his plans. Sometimes it’s how you realize that God has better things planned for you so you can let go.

Sometimes it makes you an artist.

A writer. A poet. A musician. A dancer. A performer. A creator. Sometimes your pain provokes you to heal others. It provokes to do good things and save others from suffering. Sometimes it brings out all the good in you and the kindness in your heart. Sometimes it’s all you need to make the world a better place.

And sometimes your heartbreak reminds you that you’re strong. You can walk away even though you don’t want to. You can move on even if it feels impossible. You can reclaim yourself, your heart and yourself. And sometimes it reminds you that no matter how many times you’ve been broken, you still know how to love and you know how to spot it once you find it. It reminds you that your heart works just fine. Your heart is sturdy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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