27 Thoughts I Had When I Saw You With Her

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1. So this is why you stopped texting me?

2. This explains so much. It explains you. 

3. I’ll never be her.

4. How could you like two VERY different types?

5. How was I even your type?

6. She doesn’t seem very genuine. She’s looking at you but she’s not seeing you.

7. I think you’re being played. She was just talking to the guy in the red shirt before you walked in — but maybe you like that.

8. Maybe you’re both playing the same dirty game. 

9. I wonder why you chose to give her a chance instead of me?

10. I wonder what you two even talk about – if you even talk at all.

11. I’ll never be her.

12. Maybe you like people who make you miserable.

13. Maybe you just like getting your heart broken.

14. Maybe you’re not looking for quality.

15. Does she know about me?

16. Does she know about the other ones too?

17. Does she even know what you do when she’s not around?

18. Does she even care?

19. There was no passion when she kissed you. There was no love.

20. It hurts to see you smile at her the way you used to smile at me.

21. It hurts to see you give her what I always wanted from you.

22. But it also makes sense – because I’ll never be her.

23. You two deserve each other.

24. You and I weren’t going to last.

25. I used to admire you so much until I saw her. Now I can’t even respect you.

26. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming.

27. As Meredith Grey once said —  ‘It’s over. Sooo over.’ Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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