If I Lose My Faith, Please Bring Me Back To You


When I run out of patience, please teach me how to wait and how to be strong while waiting, teach me how to be happy when I don’t get what I want and teach me how to let go when you take something away from me. Teach me how to accept my fate without trying to twist it or keep expecting you to change it.

When I don’t understand your plans, please try to explain to me why things had to be hard or why I had to suffer, please reassure me that you have spectacular plans for me and they involve my dreams coming true. Please tell me that all these hardships are something of the past, that I don’t have to endure them again.

When I stop calling your name, when I stop praying, please don’t hate me for it, find ways to bring me closer to you again softly and gently.

Open my heart to you even when it’s breaking, let me find the light in darkness, let me find hope in despair and let me find you when I feel like you’re so far away.

God, you know that we’re weak and sometimes we’re a lot weaker than we’d like to admit, but you’re the only one who knows the truth, you’re the only one who knows how fragile and broken we really are, how flawed we are and how hard we can be on ourselves. So please, don’t let us lose our faith when we’re weak, let us find strength instead and don’t punish for not knowing any better, let us come to you lovingly and willingly.

Because life has a way of keeping us away from you and sometimes we give in to life, sometimes life wins and sometimes we’re helpless, desperately waiting for something to save us, to guide us and to heal us.

So instead of letting us go, please bring us back to you, help us find your voice in our minds again, help us feel you in our hearts again and let our souls connect with you again.

Help us find what we’re missing in you because you always have the answers and you always know the truth and sometimes that’s all we need and you’re the only one who can truly rescue us from ourselves.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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