When You’re The Girl Who’s Always Smiling


When you’re the girl who’s always smiling
people don’t care to ask if you’re okay
they always assume that you’re fine
because your smile fools them every time

They don’t know that sometimes a smile
is the only way to hide your pain
and sometimes it’s the only way to show
that you’re not broken inside

When you’re the girl who’s always smiling
people think you don’t feel anything
they think you’ll always forgive them
they think you’ll always forget

But they don’t know that you remember everything
that even the meaningless jokes get to you
that your smile is a sign of your sensitivity
and the vulnerability you’re trying to curb

When you’re the girl who’s always smiling
they don’t know that behind your smile
flows a river of tears and
a river of painful stories

People think that you’ll always smile
no matter what happens to you
but they never go home with you
and watch how you cry yourself to sleep. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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