To The One Who Wasn’t Very Happy That I Moved On

 Adrianna Calvo
Adrianna Calvo

It took a lot of courage and a lot of practicing in front of the mirror to tell you how I feel, and when I did, your expected response was it just wouldn’t work out because of timing and distance and even though I wasn’t convinced. I understood.

But there was no fighting, we didn’t break things, we didn’t insult each other, it was decent, polite, even friendly and that’s exactly what we decided to do; remain friends.

I guess what you didn’t know about me is that I can’t be friends with someone I like, I’m not going to be the one who sits there, listening to you talk about someone else or be the one you go to for relationship advice. I used to be that kind of girl, but I realized that it only hurts me and I don’t deserve that.

So I did what any girl who’s been hurt before would do, I moved on. Not with someone else but I moved on with my life.

I traveled, I worked harder, I made new friends, I decided to have a good time, to embrace what’s written in the stars and to let you go. Let you enjoy your new life in the new city without me being part of it.

I was only giving you what you asked for. I was only doing what you’re doing — putting myself first.

But apparently that’s not what you wanted, apparently you said one thing and meant another.

I guess you thought I would fight harder, you thought I would still chase you trying to change your mind and I guess you thought that when you said ‘no’ it will make me want you more because maybe that’s what you’re used to.

But let me tell you this, when a girl comes to you and hands you her heart in all honesty and tells you that she likes you or that she wants more, that girl has no time for games, that girl has been broken way too many times before that she would rather know sooner than later because she just can’t afford another heartbreak.

That girl is not going to lose herself loving you or take your rejection as a challenge.

That girl just wants an answer, and the answer you give her, is the one she’s going to use and live with. She’s not going to turn it into a question or try to give you a list of other answers you can choose from.

Your answer is her answer. Your answer is what’s going to shape the future of your relationship.

So if you didn’t like her answer, maybe you should’ve changed yours. If all you wanted was someone to chase you then you didn’t really know her at all.

So if you’re unhappy she moved on, maybe next time you should try harder, you should say something and you should be honest with yourself. 

Maybe next time, you shouldn’t take a woman’s heart for granted or think that you’re the exception to every rule.

Maybe next time, you should just tell her how you truly feel instead of thinking she’ll wait for you because she’s capable of leaving too.

And once she decides to leave, she’s not coming back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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