20 Things A Strong Woman Wants You To Know


1. She’s strong because she’s been through a lot and she had to learn how to survive on her own.

2. She knows what it’s like to be broken and she knows what it’s like to be weak but she also knows how to move on and how to start over.

3. She is not hard to love as people say, she just doesn’t want to be with the wrong person because when she loves someone, she loves them fiercely and fearlessly.

4. She will leave if she’s unwanted. She understands that chasing someone is not the same as loving them. She believes that love should be mutual, respectful and reciprocated.

5. No matter how close you are to her, she will never completely tell you everything that’s bothering her, she will always say less and smile more.

6. She doesn’t always know what’s right and she’s not afraid to admit that. A strong woman knows that she doesn’t need to be perfect to be strong.

7. She sees strength in love and vulnerability. A strong woman’s love is unmatched because she sometimes thinks she’s wonder woman sent to save her prince charming.

8. She is hard on herself most of the time because she expects herself to fulfill all roles; the mother, the father, the sister, the best friend and the boyfriend. She wants to be all in one.

9. She prefers to take care of herself even if she’s with someone who could take care of her.

10. She will always be surrounded by a lot of friends and a lot of people because she finds power in connections and relationships and she’s always looking for opportunities to grow.

11. She doesn’t know how to settle which can be both a blessing and a curse.

12. She is the kind of woman that will still live her life like nothing is happening even if her world is falling apart.

13. She has learned that heartbreak and disappointments are part of life, so she gets sad but she doesn’t act like things are catastrophic anymore.

14. She doesn’t always love herself but she never lets that diminish her value or her self-worth.

15. She has learned the hard way that if she doesn’t respect herself, no one will respect her.

16. She knows that it’s not always easy to speak up but it’s necessary.

17. She’s probably surrounded by a lot of strong women; whether her friends or her family because that’s where she gets her strength and inspiration from.

18. She likes her friends to come to her for support, even when she’s hurting, because she gains more strength when she helps others.

19. She believes in herself even if the odds are against her.

20. A strong woman will always be a work in progress, full of surprises, full of power, full of beauty and full of love.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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