You’re Allowed To Change

 Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva

You’re allowed to outgrow certain people; people who don’t see the greatness in you, people who don’t believe in you and people who don’t see you for who you really are.

You’re allowed to distance yourself from anything that doesn’t motivate you or make you grow, you’re allowed to choose who has a say in your life and who doesn’t and you’re allowed to change the terms of your life according to your own conditions.

You’re allowed to speak up even if they got used to your silence. You’re allowed to start using your voice.

You’re allowed to walk away even if they got used to you staying no matter what. You’re allowed to leave when there are no reasons to stay.

You’re allowed to start doing things that please you, you’re allowed to start doing things just because you want to and you’re allowed to be free to be who you are.

You’re allowed to move and transform yourself, you’re allowed to replace some of your old thoughts and beliefs with new ones without having to apologize for it.

You’re allowed to have your own vision; different from the one that your parents or your school mapped out for you.

You’re allowed to see the world with your own eyes instead of wearing someone else’s glasses. You’re allowed to paint the world using your own brush, using your own colors instead of buying the painting everyone else is selling you.

People don’t want you to change for their own selfish reasons, whether it’s because they like you the way you are or because they don’t want to lose the person they once knew.

But change is only a tool that sharpens who you truly are and who you’re always meant to be.

You’re allowed to change as long as this change is coming from within, coming from your own voice, from your own feelings, from your own soul and from your own depth.

You’re allowed to change as long as you’re changing because you want to, not because people are asking you to.

You’re allowed to change directions as long as you’re enjoying the drive.

You’re allowed to change especially when everything around you remains the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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