Get Ready Faster With These 11 Morning Routine Hacks

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Imagine getting 15 precious extra minutes of sleep – isn’t that a world you want to live in? Make your morning brighter and get out the door that much quicker with these morning routine hacks.

Product 1 - Shower Radio

1. A shower radio.

There’s something great about a retro item infused with a bit of modernity. Get up to speed on the news while you lather or listen to your favorite tunes as you prepare for a long day ahead.

Product 2 - Dry Shampoo

2. Dry shampoo.

Washing your hair is probably the most time consuming part of your morning. “But how do I get around that without being gross?” Glad you asked. Dry shampoo does the trick minus the extra time, and guarantees that your hair looks fresh and clean.

Product 3 - Organizer

3. Toiletries organizer.

These things are life savers. Knowing exactly where things are placed will cut your time in half and help you avoid making a mess in the bathroom every morning, or mistaking your face cream for your toothpaste (guilty).

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