The World Is Huge But It Still Feels Empty Without You

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

The world is full of beautiful things to see and exciting things to do but somehow nothing is beautiful or exciting when you’re not around.

Traveling is not fun without you when every place I visit reminds me of you and all I can do is wish you were with me to hold my hand as we explore the world.

Dressing up is not the same without you looking at me, it’s not the same without your compliments and it’s not the same without having you in my arms.

Going out has become boring and tiresome — everywhere I go, I look for you and every time someone talks to me, I end up talking about you.

Everything makes me feel alone without you.

Nothing makes sense when I can’t share it with you. The good things are not as good when you don’t know about them and the bad things are even worse when you’re not there.

I wasn’t meant to go through life without you and I can’t have it any other way.

I need your soft hands to hold me when I’m tired, because they heal me.

I need your warm hugs to comfort me when I’m down, because they’re my safe haven.

I need your wisdom to talk me out of my madness, because you’re my sanity.

And I need your love to keep me going, because your love is my only faith.

Because right now I can’t even see the world when I can’t see you.

I can’t touch the world when I can’t touch you.

And I can’t love the world when I can’t love you.

Because the world is only beautiful when you have someone just as beautiful to share it with, someone you can watch the stars with, someone you can share your secrets with as you watch the sunrise, someone who can make you smile when it rains and someone you can get stuck in a storm with and still feel safe.

But right now, the world feels so empty, so strange, so hard and I can’t face it all by myself.

Right now, the world is dark and gloomy even when the sun is shining.

Right now, my world is dying and I need you to bring it back to life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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