This Is What You Learn When You Love The Wrong People


Whoever said that love was easy, never loved the wrong person and those who never loved the wrong person never really learned.

Because loving the wrong person teaches you so much more about love than loving the right person and it teaches so much more about yourself.

After a while you’ll know the difference between someone who holds your hand and someone who touches your soul.

You’ll understand that words are not contracts and promises can be broken.

You’ll learn that attraction doesn’t always mean love and love doesn’t always mean safety.

You’ll understand that ‘safety’ can sometimes leave you alone in the dark or drop you off in the middle of the highway.

You’ll know the difference between someone who wants your heart and someone who wants your body.

You’ll realize that attachment is risky because you can easily fall and there might be no one catch you and sometimes other people will intentionally let you loose.

You’ll understand that even the sunlight can burn and the moonlight can fade away and the skies can be starless.

You’ll find out that people move on very quickly and people can easily forget you, you will realize that sweet memories and deep secrets can totally go to waste and you will realize that people sometimes don’t even remember the precious moments they shared with you.

You’ll learn that some people talk to you for selfish reasons; either to heal themselves or to boost their ego even if you were selfless the whole time.

You will understand that you can’t change someone or convince someone to be with you and you will understand that if they really wanted you, you would know.

After a while you’ll know the difference between someone who is invested and someone who just wants to seal the deal.

You’ll know the difference between someone who is used to breaking hearts and someone who never wishes it upon anyone.

But the most important thing you will learn is how to be on your own, how to water your own garden instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers, how to grow your own roots instead of waiting for someone to give you branches and you will learn that the only person you belong to is yourself and you’re the only guaranteed ‘forever’ in your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Inspired by ‘You Learn’ by Jorge Luis Borges 

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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