Sometimes I Wish My Life Was A Movie

 The Notebook
The Notebook

I wish my life ran smoothly like the script of a movie.

One day, I’m walking in the street and suddenly I run into the one that got away and we reconnect and end up spending the whole day together; watching the sunset and maybe the sunrise and maybe we end up kissing in the rain and get the closure we always wanted.

Another day, I catch a flight to my best friend’s wedding and a cute stranger is sitting next to me on a plane and we end up having the best conversations up in the air, and then I find out that he’s also going to the same wedding and we have a whole weekend of whirlwind romance awaiting us.

Or I’m working at a café and suddenly a beautiful stranger shows up and starts talking to me and we engage in a sweet conversation, then we go out on a date the same night because we couldn’t resist the insane chemistry between us, and we start slow dancing in the street as we walk back to my house and we kiss each other passionately to perfectly end a magical night.

I wish every time I was down or upset, something extraordinary happens that makes me love the world again. Like the love of my life showing up at my door to tell me he’s sorry and that he still loves me, or I get the job of my dreams and start happily dancing alone in the middle of the street.

I wish that when I decided to leave my hometown and move away, someone stopped me at the airport and told me not to go and asked me to stay.

I wish people showed the same love that the characters show in movies. I wish people would still do these crazy things and get away with it in real life. I wish reality had more room for madness and more room for love.

I wish life had the same life-changing moments and surprises – unscripted. I wish life had more moments that took your breath away and moments that made your heart do backflips.

I wish all lovers came back, and everyone got their new year’s kiss. I wish people eventually got the job of their dreams, the man of their dreams or the woman of their dreams and I wish we witnessed a lot more happy endings than dead ends.

I wish my life was a movie because reality is boring and running out of good scripts, running out of love, running out of hope, running out of wonder and running out of happy endings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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