I’m Never Going To Throw Away Your Pictures


When relationships or friendships end, our defense mechanism is to get rid of all reminders of that friend or that ex because it’s easier to move on, but I beg to differ, I will never throw away the pictures of someone who once meant a lot to me, who was once a big part of my life and someone who gave me so many memories to look back on.

In the art of forgiveness, you can still keep their memories in your life without keeping them in your heart.

Pictures remind you of the times you shared together.

It reminds you of a certain trip, a certain occasion or a certain event in your life that you shared together, it takes you back to the person you were and how things have changed. Pictures can be a mini reflection of your life; of how time changes people, of how you changed, of how you thought certain people will always be in your life but now you barely even talk to them and it reminds you of how you can live without people you said you couldn’t live without.

Pictures make you less resentful.

When you look back on how happy you looked, it’s hard to completely hate or resent someone who once made you so happy. You needed that person at that time, and whether you like to admit or not they made you happy, they made you smile again and they were there for you, even for a short amount of time, they were all you needed and sometimes this helps soften your heart.

Pictures capture your growth.

It’s like watching your life in pictures, it shows you how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come. It shows your evolution; your style, your looks, your confidence and the things that you used to capture back then versus the things you capture now. Do you still take pictures of the same things? Do you still take pictures with people even though they might not be in your life forever? Pictures are truly worth a thousand words because they speak your life and they capture the moments that either changed your life or changed you.

Pictures are sometimes all you’ve got left.

We leave pieces of ourselves with everyone we’ve ever loved and they leave pieces of them with us too, and pictures are sometimes all you’ve got to remind you of these pieces; of their smile, of their touch and the way they made you feel. Long after these people are gone from your life, you’ll have moments when you miss them, when you miss their memories and when you miss the connection you had. Because even though you can be done with a relationship or a friendship, you still long for some parts of it or you wish you could bring back precious moments that are all stored in these pictures.

Pictures are homes you once belonged to and visit every so often to make sure you don’t forget where you came from. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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