20 Things You’ll Understand If You Are An Extremely Impatient Person


1. You hate lines. You start fuming with anger and you have to actively stop yourself from screaming ‘MOVE’ and all you can think of is the bunch of other better things you could be doing with your time instead of waiting in line.

2. Traffic makes you want to retire. Or buy a jet or invent a flying car. It’s the definition of torture for you.

3. You hate waiting for a response. You text fast and you expect a faster response. You don’t understand what is taking people that long to type a few words and you don’t have the patience to deal with the indecisiveness, so you either pick up the phone and call or forget about it.

4. Slow customer service and automated responses make you want to punch yourself in the face and they make you consider abandoning whatever company or service you’re subscribing to.

5. Even though you love shopping, you don’t have the energy to look at everything and try the clothes on or ask if they have your size. If it’s a hassle, you’re not buying it.

6. Online shopping is also annoying because waiting 3 days or a week for something you want to arrive is just not acceptable.

7. People avoid you when you’re hungry and waiting for food because they can easily lose you. You hate waiting for food and you can’t stop looking at the other plates being served to people and wondering why yours is taking forever.

8. Helping your parents out with technology and trying to explain to them how it works is a test to your patience, a test to your well-being and a test to your emotions. It’s a slow death experience.

9. You hate dating because you don’t have the patience to wait until your crush tells you how they really feel, you just want to skip the awkward phase to the phase when you’re actually together and comfortable.

10. You give the side-eye to people who take too long to get out of a parking spot.

11. You try to watch only one TV show because you’re not prepared mentally or emotionally to wait one week to know what’s going to happen next episode; or wait a year to know what will happen next season.

12. You avoid walking behind slow people or you become that annoying person who walks right by them so you can be ahead of them.

13. You skip to the end when watching a movie on Netflix or reading a book, even if you plan on watching the whole movie or reading the whole book, you just want a sneak peek to know if it’s worth it.

14. Waiting in line to get to the bathroom when you’re at a club makes you want to stay at home so no one gets hurt.

15. You always burn yourself when you’re drinking coffee or tea because you can’t wait for it to cool down.

16. One hour conference calls, board meetings and presentations feel more like a lifetime because they just don’t end. Time doesn’t go by. It stands still.

17. You learned to live with the fact that you will just never meditate. It’s just not meant to be.

18. You have to update your computer’s software when you’re sleeping because you are not going to wait for anything to update when you’re using it.

19. You hate surprise parties or surprises and you can’t wait till you can actually talk about it or reveal it because you want to get it over with.

20. You can’t and never will understand people who wait patiently and smile while they’re waiting. You wish you could learn their secret but you probably won’t have the patience for that either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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