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12 Moments When You Really Wish Your Long Distance Best Friend Was With You

1. When you want to cry but no one understands you. You need your best friend the most when you’re down, you need her to comfort you because she is the only one who could and you know that just a warm hug from her will make the pain go away.

2. When you’re nervous about a date. You wish she was there to give you the confidence boost you need, to tell you that you’re awesome and you’ve got nothing to worry about and pour you a glass of wine so you can release some of the tension.

3. When you’re going to a concert. You want her there with you because you know that the two of you will be singing out loud, dancing, taking pictures and probably pissing off everyone around you because you two are being loud and obnoxious. No matter who you’re with, it’s still not as fun as having her with you in these unforgettable moments.

4. When you feel all alone. You need her to be your person and your plus one. You wish she was there to come with you to this event or this birthday or this party because you know that wherever you two go, you will have a blast.

5. When you want to have a girls night it. You miss your slumber parties with her, you wish she was with you so you can cook, drink, watch movies, remember the good old times and laugh all night.

6. When no one else gets your quirky sense of your humor. You miss how she would pick up on your looks or inside jokes, how she knows when you’re being sarcastic and when you’re lying to strangers, you just miss your bond with her that makes even the simple moments memorable.

7. When you need someone to stand up for you. You miss how your best friend would just have your back and attack whoever offends you, you miss how she made sure no one hurts you and always took your side. You now know that no one else will ever fight for you the way she did.

8. When you have an emergency. Whatever it may be; family or personal. You miss her comfort, you wish you could just lean on her or crash at her place and deal with the mess later. You miss your real emergency contact.

9. When you’re driving and your favorite song comes on. You wish you two could be together singing that song and dancing in the car. You miss how she made traffic fun and you never had to worry about it because you knew you had the best company with you.

10. When work is overwhelming. You need her to take you out so you can talk about it and she will tell you that it will be okay and help you get through it. You need her wisdom and her strength to motivate you and make you believe in yourself again.

11. When you’re shopping. You wish she was with you to tell you which dress to buy, which shoes would go better and which color looks better on you. You knew she always picked better things for you than you picked for yourself and you miss sharing clothes with her because you literally have the same taste.

12. When no one else compares. Pretty much, all the time. No matter how many amazing people you meet or hang out with, no one will ever compare to your best friend and you will always miss having her with you; sharing secrets, stories and silly jokes. You miss the special connection you had, how you two are completely comfortable around each other and how everything is just so effortless with her. Nothing is ever the same without her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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