Why Men Pull Away: 12 Guys Reveal The Reason They Drift

Twenty20 bethaneyvalverde
Twenty20 bethaneyvalverde

1. This is still my family we’re talking about.

I once dated a girl who knew my sister and my cousin, she kept throwing shade at them the whole time and I can tell she didn’t really like them. That was the biggest warning sign. If she can’t respect my family, I can’t respect her.

-Tim, 31

2. Leave the drama at home.

One time, I was on a third date with a girl and she started telling me all about her family problems then she started crying hysterically. It was endearing that she opened up to me but I was overwhelmed because it wasn’t like sobbing, she was hyperventilating.  I had no clue how to handle her or the situation. It definitely made me not look forward to a fourth one.

-Drew, 33

3. Men want appreciation too.

We went to the beach together for the whole weekend, it was my gift to her for her birthday, all she did was complain about the hotel, the service, the food and the weather. We ended up staying in all day and didn’t enjoy the sun because she was just turned off by the whole trip. It made me feel like she didn’t even acknowledge the effort I put in for her birthday and didn’t even say thank you after we left. Men want to feel appreciated too, there’s a reason she is now my ex.

Omar, 29

4. I deserve better.

I was trying to talk to this girl who kept playing hard to get for so long even though I knew she liked me (a common friend had told me). It was fun at first but then I got bored after a while. It’s not a chase if you’re not having fun and it was obvious she was doing it on purpose, she didn’t really have much going on in her life to be that busy or ignore my texts. It was definitely a big turn-off and made me not want to reach out to her again. I deserve better than that.

-Rick, 32

5. I think I found myself a stalker.

After we became friends on Facebook, the girl I had just started dating started sending me pictures I was tagged in, asking me about the girls in those pictures and accusing me of standing so close to one girl, it really freaked me out. She also started mentioning my previous trips and how cute my sister was. It was definitely not cute and borderline creepy. It sucks though because she was pretty.

-Kurt, 29

6. She just wouldn’t leave.

This girl came over to my place because she was ‘in the neighborhood,’ that was around noon. She ended up spending the night and took me to brunch the day after. She just wouldn’t leave and  kept finding excuses to stay. It made me realize that she is so clingy and has no life.

-Hesham, 30

7. Don’t flirt with my boys.

I was really into this girl and we were all invited to the same birthday party. She got wasted and started flirting with my boys and dancing with them. It was hard to tell who she was into because she was all over the place and everyone started talking about her odd behavior. It definitely changed my mind about her.

-Joseph, 34

8. 50 shades of crazy.

I was texting a girl frequently then I got bored and stopped. When she asked me why I stopped, I was honest with her and told her I am losing interest. She went all 50 shades of crazy on me, she sent me like 10 messages telling me ‘You are a douchebag, all men are the same, I thought you were different, I told my friends about you. You humiliated me. I thought you will be my boyfriend but good riddance. Bye Felicia.’  She was very immature in her response, also, I thought women liked honesty.

-Eric, 26

9. If you ghosted me, don’t come back.

I really liked this girl who practically ghosted me. A few months later, she had a change of heart and wanted to start hanging out again. Even though I was flattered, it gave me the impression that she is indecisive or maybe just got dumped or something so I just never responded to her. It’s hard to recover from ghosting. Sorry ladies.

-Bobby, 32

10. The classic.

Honestly when I start pulling away it’s because I am talking to someone else. It’s hard when you are talking to more than one girl to be as consistent and attentive as you were in the beginning. I hope girls understand that if a guy is single, he is probably talking to more than one girl.

-Raf, 28

11. ‘Like’ my picture.

I was talking to this girl who would get so offended every time I didn’t like a picture she posted and she would actually ask me to like it. I did it a few times to please her but after a while it got really annoying. I just felt like she was very shallow and insecure and definitely not girlfriend material.

-Jack, 31

12. Hmmm, I thought I was the man.

I took a girl to my favorite bar and some guy unintentionally pushed me, she started telling him off, yelling at him and forcing him to apologize to me. It really caught me off guard because I don’t think the guy even knew what he did and I thought I was the man. I just had a feeling she won’t be easy to be around so I vanished.

-John, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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