40 Wonderful Things That Can Happen In A Year

Twenty20 dannyrozenblit
Twenty20 dannyrozenblit

A lot can happen in a year.

One year can bring about enough changes for a lifetime. One year is enough for you to know yourself. One year is enough to know where your relationship is going. One year is enough to end toxic friendships and one year is enough to make the best out of the next one.

1. You can change the job you hate and find something else you love.

2. You can quit your job and explore the world to find yourself – or lose yourself.

3. You can study something you love and be great at it.

4. You can meet the love of your life.

5. You can end an unhappy relationship or marriage and take back your life.

6. You can change your body and your health.

7. You can change your mind and transform your life.

8. You can quit a bad habit.

9. You can get over someone you never thought you would.

10. You can finally reveal secrets that have been haunting you forever.

11. You can learn from your failures and change them to success.

12. You can learn how to love yourself.

13. You can move to another country and start over or stay in the same place and start over.

14. You can get over your fears.

15. You can finally understand the reason behind your pain.

16. You can fix a broken relationship.

17. You can learn how strong you really are.

18. You can see the person who broke you and not feel a thing.

19. You can finally get the closure you needed.

20. You can laugh at the things that made you cry.

21. You can surprise yourself by doing something you were always afraid of.

22. You can love someone fearlessly and not regret it.

23. You can forgive someone who deeply hurt you and purify your heart.

24. You can restore your faith.

25. You can learn how to believe in yourself.

26. You can learn how to trust your gut.

27. You can take a risk that can change your life.

28. You can help someone selflessly without expecting anything in return.

29. You can find a reason to smile every day.

30. You can create unforgettable memories.

31. You can be an inspiration to someone.

32. You can witness a change in history.

33. You can tell someone how you truly feel about them.

34. You can avoid certain mistakes from happening again.

35. You can bounce back after hitting rock bottom.

36. You can attend an event you only dreamed of.

37.  You can get recognized and acknowledged for something you are really good at.

38. You can meet new people and have life-changing conversations.

39. You can buy yourself something you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

40. You can change your whole life in one year.

One year can determine the rest of your life. You have 365 days to do something extraordinary, achieve a goal, and get much closer to living the life you always dreamed of. A lot can happen in a year and the power is in your hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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