10 Reasons Why The Funny Guy Will Always Steal Your Heart

Twenty20 alfredoderito
Twenty20 alfredoderito

1. He will always make you smile.

No matter what kind of day you’re having, he will know how to make you laugh. From his funny stories to his sarcastic comments, he will always find a way to make you smile. You will never be in a bad mood for long.

2. He will make sure you have fun wherever you go.

There will never be a dull moment with the funny guy, he will always make the best out of the most boring situations and flip them around. Frustrating things like waiting in line or getting stuck in traffic will be pleasurable with him because he constantly makes you giggle wherever you go.

3. He will introduce you to the world.

You will make new friends wherever you go and he probably already knows everyone around town and everyone knows him. Because of his sense of humor and charisma, you will be liked by default and get the best seat in the house. Everyone loves the funny guy!

4. He will know how to deal with tough situations.

The funny guy will always get out of sticky situations lightly either with a few jokes or just his natural ability to make others feel at ease around him. You will never have to endure a fight or an awkward evening with him. He makes sure everyone is having a good time.

5. He will notice when you’re upset.

Just because he is always having a good time doesn’t mean he is not aware of those around him who are not-especially you. Funny men are usually very intuitive and can sense if something is wrong with you and of course he will know how to make you laugh instantly when you are down.

6. He will help you become more positive.

He is a walking delight- a bundle of energy and positivity, he is always looking out for the funny things in life even the failures and the mistakes. He will make you feel better about a bad situation and help you see the good things that you can take from it. He also has a positive outlook in life in general which will rub off on you sooner or later.

7. He will teach you to laugh at yourself.

The best things we could do in life is to learn how to laugh at ourselves, it is how we heal and move on and it is how we become reborn. The funny guy will help you do just that, he will teach you to laugh at yourself more often and quit taking life too seriously.

8. He will allow you to be completely yourself.

You will never have to worry about being on your “best behavior” around him and you will definitely not be embarrassed to tell him about any humiliating thing that happened to you, he will always have a sense of humor about it instead of judging you. He will give you the complete freedom to be who you are and even inspire you to make a fool of yourself more often.

9. He will get along with everyone.

Your annoying dad, your difficult friend, your nosy mom, your whiny sister, or your not-so-friendly brother. The funny guy will know how to break the ice with each person and will find a way to break down their walls. Everyone will love him including the ones who don’t even like themselves.

10.He will be romantic.

The funny guy is usually very kind-hearted, sweet, caring and empathetic. He may be a goofball in public, but when you two are alone together, he will show you a different side. Funny guys know how to make a woman feel special and they make sure to flaunt it. They are not afraid of showing their feelings or “going all out.” He will also make fun of himself sometimes if he is being too mushy. You always win with the funny guy; he will just make your life better, easier and a whole lot funnier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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