40 Signs Your Best Friends Are Basically Your Family

Twenty20 dannyrozenblit
Twenty20 dannyrozenblit

1. You always call them first, when you have good news or bad news.

2. You rely on them for advice on everything from what to wear to whether or not you should break up with someone you’re dating.

3. You find excuses to celebrate life together in addition to all the regular champagne worthy occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, big presentations…etc.)

4. You understand them better than you understand most (if not all) of your family members.

5. You know everything there is to know about their daily lives, their innermost desires and their biggest problems.

6. You confess things to them long before you share things with your family.

7. You stalk them on social media because you’re their diehard super fan.

8. You can trust them not to tag you in any unflattering pictures.

9. You get jealous when they form new friendships.

10. You know you’re completely immune from judgment in their eyes.

11. You buy them gifts and cute souvenirs whenever you see something they might like.

12. You lean on them (literally, on the couch when you’re chilling together) and figuratively more than you ever lean on your bio family.

13. You are the happiest you when you’re with them.

14. You can be silly & goofy or moody & grumpy and they’ll tolerate you anyway.

15. You want them to know everything, even the unnecessary details.

16. You miss them like crazy when they’re away.

17. You get separation anxiety when it’s been too long since you last saw them.

18. You appreciate them—truly, madly, deeply.

19. You call them to just to say “I love you.”

20. You rarely fight, and when you do, resolution comes quickly.

21. You never have to explain or defend yourself to them.

22. You know in your heart that they’ll never let you down.

23. You know you can trust them with your most intimate secrets.

24. You don’t have to keep up appearances in their company.

25. You don’t have to pretend that you like the food they cook for you.

26. You only want to travel with them.

27. You’ve known each other forever, it seems, even during past lives.

28. You know their past and you have been through it all together.

29. You believe them when they tell you who you really are.

30. You consult them when you need a pep talk.

31. You laugh the hardest when you are with them.

32. You cry the hardest when you are with them.

33. You always manage to make time for them, even when you’re busy.

34. You never need your space from them.

35. You see yourself perfectly capable of living with them without going crazy.

36. You kind of resemble them.

37. You never have to worry that they’ll take something you say the wrong way.

38. You know all their passwords and they know yours.

39. You chose them.

40. You can’t live without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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