10 Absurd Misconceptions People Have About The Quintessential Nice Girl

Twenty20 PabloRomero
Twenty20 PabloRomero

1. We don’t have a voice, or have a voice but don’t know how to use it. The truth is we usually know how to use our voice, we just pick our battles, and let more things go for the sake of our own peace of mind.

2. We will say yes to anything. There is a degree of truth about nice girls not being able to say no very often, but that doesn’t mean that we say yes to anything either. We are just more flexible with plans, trips and times. We care about the outcome more than the logistics.

3. We can’t treat people the way they treat us. People think that we will always be the bigger person and the better person, and it almost baffles them when we treat them the same way they treat us. We have our days when we can’t put up with people’s BS anymore.

4. We are not ambitious. Because if we are nice, we will never be able to fight for those high-up positions, or ask for a raise, or manage a team because we will end up doing all the work. Nice girls know how to make it to the top and still keep a smile on their face. Diane von Furstenberg took the fashion world by storm and her motto was “You don’t have to be a bitch to be successful”.

5. We put our needs last. We like to compromise, we like to make life easier for the people we care about, but that doesn’t mean we neglect our needs and even if we do, we are usually aware of it. Just because we go with the flow doesn’t mean we can’t change our course.

6. We are naive. Or we don’t know what we want, or know that we are being taken for granted. People are always advising us and telling us to look out for so and so like we can’t take care of ourselves. We are absolutely capable of reading people, we just like to give the benefit of the doubt until someone gives us a reason to doubt them.

7. We don’t have boundaries. Maybe our borders let more people in, but we know when to close them down and we know how to close them down.

8. We are passive-aggressive. If we act like something didn’t bother us, it probably didn’t and if it did, we will either confront the person in a nice way or forgive them and move on.

9. We fall in love easily. We fall in like easily and we may care deeply about someone we just met, but it actually takes us a very long time to fall in love with someone or even trust them, because we are looking for the person who looks beyond the “nice’ label people have bestowed upon us.

10. We can’t walk away. We just believe in chances, many of them, we like to give people a lot of chances and we also expect people to give us more than one chance, but once we make our minds to walk away, there is no turning back. If anything, when we walk away, we never look back because we know we invested a lot in a person, and we did all those “nice” things for them and they still didn’t appreciate it, so we keep walking as nicely as we can.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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