7 Impulsive Decisions That Single Girls Won’t Ever Regret

1. Booking a solo vacation

Going on a vacation all on your own is a freeing experience. I personally am a fan of the shady “we won’t tell you where you’re staying until you pay” button on Priceline.com. It’s almost like getting a present from someone because the thrill coupled with a steep discount makes you forget that you were the one who paid. Then, stay in your hotel for two days straight and watch 3 seasons of Downton Abbey. Or, hit the local hotspots and make new friends. No one is there to judge you. No itinerary. No regrets. Just be smart and safe, of course.

2. Accepting the opportunity to interview for the “dream job” you forgot you applied to

Remember that one time you came across an application for THE BEST JOB EVER. You applied thinking, “whatever, not gonna happen.” And then, three months later, you get an email asking if you’re interested in flying in for an interview…next week. Only problem is you’re across the country, along with the rest of your life. It would require a lot of energy, and your entire life could end up far different from the way you envisioned it two hours ago. But who knows…

3. Driving to see your best friend after an emotional phone call reminded you of just how much you miss her

Whether it’s a broken heart, an unfulfilling job, or just PMS. You and the BFF just had the best tear-filled phone session, and now you miss her. Sometimes you just got to go. This is relevant whether she is 2 miles away or 200. Plus, driving is great therapy. Pop in some Beyonce and get excited as each mile you pass brings you closer to the one person in life you can count on.

4. Skipping school or work for a cultural or generational experience, i.e. Mardi Gras, SXSW, The World Cup

Yes, you might get called on during a lecture and face consequences for not being there the following Monday, but in ten years which will you remember? The professor’s name or the time you were on Bourbon Street winning an impromptu dance-off with complete strangers? …Okay, maybe it’s a little hazy, but the proof is forever on Instagram.

5. Making a U-Turn for that massage place you just passed with the sign that says “New Customer Special”

I know you’re saving your money. But the truth is, you could die tomorrow. Get the massage. Your body and mind will love you. You’ll be happy you treated yourself, I promise.

6. Applying for the random opportunity that you’re oddly intrigued by, but not wholly convinced it’s what you want

That one job posting that’s not really anything related to what you think you want to do, but for some reason it’s sparked an interest and you’re not sure why. Maybe it’s in a less than desirable location, or maybe you don’t meet all the requirements in the listing. But when a job description sparks an interest that you’ve never entertained before, go for it! You may surprise yourself, and there is no harm in applying.

7. Telling someone how much you care about them, even if it means you might lose them

There are times in life when you meet someone and think they are the bee’s-knees. Life is great when they’re in it. And for the first time in a while, you can see an end of your single girl era. Telling this person how you feel is certainly a big risk. They might freak out and withdrawal. They might overenthusiastically jump in. Of course, don’t tell someone you met three weeks that you want to get serious. But the minute you know, on a genuine level, you care for this person and the relationship is markedly different. That’s when you should communicate your feelings. That’s when you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re both on the same page. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Originally from Alaska, Rachel is a law student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Email her: rachel.myers@emory.edu.

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