I’m The ‘Rich’ Girl You Love To Hate And You’re All Idiots For It


Poor little me. Followed around by reporters at my door. Poor little me, oh so starved for attention. This poor little rich woman didn’t ask for this. Fucking please.

I find it so funny that everyone is hating on me instead of investing themselves in worthier things. I don’t deserve all of your attention. Do I deserve all of this hate? Maybe, maybe not. What I am is a scapegoat for the current issues in our economy and honestly, it doesn’t phase me. I’ve finally gotten an eloquent message of “kill yourself” from reader mail. Thanks bro.

I’m just poor little Rach(a)el (depending on the intelligence of the commentator) Sacks who was soooooo sad that a cashier showed her a little disdain. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. I am 20-years-old. I have to take a midterm tomorrow like everyone else. I am not above anything and I never said that I was above any of you. But the American public is allowed to infer anything they would like. To go on Google Earth and find my childhood home, to stake out my apartment, to go through my private photos. I have nothing to hide and I am here to be your own personal punching bag, America.

You were never a dumb 20-year-old, you snarky, washed up, 40-something commenters. You never said dumb shit — as long as it’s hidden. You’ve never taken drunk photos, or felt like your views about life were like, “super important.” Only luckily for you, the internet exists for me and so you can all pretend you were never a young adult and dig up everything and tell me to get Botox. Which I wouldn’t at this point. Maybe when I start to get older — I’m really not ruling anything out. If you all wanted to show me, you would realize that I am a sad, sad little girl, seeking out attention and you wouldn’t give me the time of day. Go ahead, shun me, act like I’m irrelevant. I’m a lot more afraid of that than being told to jump off of a bridge.


I’ve been criticized by the media for taking this all in stride and not being more apologetic. What else am I supposed to do? Cry? Be a pussy and flip-flop on my own views? Beg for the public’s forgiveness? These are things I would never do. Who am I to turn my back on my own views? Who am I to attempt to talk about things that are taboo? Who am I to think that America has a sense of humor about anything? I am being criticized for exactly what I was criticizing myself for. I don’t look down upon “poors” or rich people either. It’s all just a matter of talking about these things that makes everyone so uncomfortable and it’s disgusting to have to live up to others’ stereotypes of what they should be. By labeling me “rich,” the media is doing exactly what I said people shouldn’t do. Sure, it makes a fantastic cover story, but otherwise, is being rich a personality? Is being poor a personality? Sadly, people would say yes, but I am not defined by being “rich” or even not being rich. That isn’t solely who I am and it shouldn’t be the sole defining character trait of someone. I’m not Veruca Salt, or Richie Rich, or a Paris Hilton-wannabe circa early 2000s. I am Rachael fucking Sacks and I don’t need to be labeled or categorized just to be an undeserved scapegoat.

All that I was attempting to do was express my views as I learn who I am and grow up. People found it to be off-putting and obnoxious, but I am learning. My writing will improve. I will learn from other experiences. I am just expressing myself, where I am in this life, and where I will be going. I honestly didn’t even think that Thought Catalog would even accept my submission, as there are so many other articles about people losing their virginity and Top 23 Best Indie Movie Lists that people would rather read about. I have done a lot of questionable things throughout my life and I am sure that there are several people that could ruin me even more, but it wouldn’t make a difference. I was born ready to deal with being the most hated person on the internet. So please darlings, bring it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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