30 Things I Hope To Learn By 30

1. To trust myself; to believe in my gut instincts; to trust my decisions; to trust that I’m right.

2. To figure out what I’m passionate about; to determine a career path.

3. To stop pressuring myself to fall in love; to stop feeling like I have an internally ticking time bomb; to stop being in a rush to start a family.

4. To have good friends, a set that I can rely on when things get lonely and the world’s a bit quiet.

5. To grow in my career; to gain a title change; to get a promotion.

6. To define myself in terms of me; to stop defining myself in terms of others.

7. To find my passions outside of work.

8. To start flossing regularly.

9. To find real friends, the ones that I can count on, instead of just mere acquaintances.

10. To not feel ashamed by my number; to never feel the need to make it higher or lower.

11. To be comfortable in my own skin; to not feel like I need makeup to be a pretty girl.

12. To truly be in love.

13. To create a budget and stick to it; to learn about finances; to start a 401k.

14. To be more confident; to push back at work; to be fearless in speaking out about my worth.

15. To take care of my mental health; to do more therapy.

16. To let go of toxic relationships, whether they be friends, family, or boyfriends.

17. To be more willing to talk about my mental health; to be open about my anxiety.

18. To learn to let go of my youth; to say goodbye to nights spent binge drinking.

19. To hold onto my youth and the little kid personality that I’ve always had.

20. To let go of this need to be young and reckless.

21. To no longer feel the need to impress my parents.

22. To eat more veggies.

23. To workout more.

24. To accept that my life is never going to look like what I pictured at 22.

25. To treat myself with the same kindness as others.

26. To stop feeling like an imposter; to stop having this notion of what a real adult is; to stop having a checklist in all the ways in which I am failing.

27. To find better coping mechanisms; to confront my problems; to not face long days by getting piss drunk.

28. To say yes more.

29. To take the good with the bad; to not just focus on the negatives.

30. To live in the moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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