A Letter To The Girl Looking For Love

A Letter To The Girl Looking For Love
Bekir Donmez

To the Girl Looking for Love,

There are probably a million and one emotions that you experience within the span of a second. I get it, I’ve been there. You constantly imagine yourself in situations with the boy you admire from afar, and you wonder if he thinks the same thing. You overanalyze everything that everyone does; every smile, every text, every laugh that you share with any guy has a hidden meaning, right?

I write to you to tell you that you don’t deserve this.

You deserve somebody who makes you feel like you are everything, because that is exactly what you are. Wanting to be loved just goes to show that you know how worthy you are of something so beautiful. In this sense, you know your worth. So why are you willing to settle? Don’t rush things, and just wait for the perfect person to sweep you off your feet.

One of the signs of wanting to be loved is noticing that it is everywhere. Suddenly, everybody is coupled up. Everything looks romantic. You go to the grocery store alone, and something that used to be so mundane and irrelevant makes you miserable. Do not allow something like a grocery store, something so mundane and irrelevant, have control over your happiness. They do not have that much power. The boy who fails to notice you does not have that much power. He is just as mundane and irrelevant as the grocery store.

My heart has been broken too many times, but not by my boyfriend, not by the boy who wasn’t my boyfriend, not by the boy who didn’t notice me… but by a lack of love.

Please. I am begging you to allow yourself to think of other things, things other than him. Think about what makes you happy: the first stroke of bright yellow paint on a blank canvas, when it’s sunny and raining, when you feel a light summer breeze against your face, sleeping on the cold side of the pillow…

Find joy in the little things that made you smile when you were six years old. Practice your silliest dance moves in the mirror. Think about playing outside on a sunny day or being in awe of the winter’s first snowfall. Find joy in splashing around in puddles during your rainy morning walk instead of dwelling on the fact that you lost your umbrella.

Be who you were before you knew that somebody else could make you happy, because you deserve happiness.

You are everything, and without a doubt, you deserve to be loved.

But right now, you are looking too hard. Stop looking, and start living. More than anything, you deserve happiness.

Lots of Love,
The Girl Who Has Finally Found Love in Life

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