8 Ways Old Souls Date Differently

Clem Onojeghuo

1. Old souls just know if it’s going to work or if it won’t

Blame it on instinct. Old souls have a knack for reading people and their energy. They tend to get strong “feelings” about if something will work or not. Their instincts are usually quite spot on. This can be very helpful during the dating process and can keep them single for quite a while.

2. Old souls don’t just want to date you, they want to know you

They are curious about who you are as a person, not just what you have achieved in your life. Old souls don’t aim to be in a relationship with your resume, your jokes, or your surface self. They want to know you. They love to spend time and to feel like they are understood and that they understand.

3. Old souls move incredibly slow

Old souls are in no race to be matched with someone, they are romantics at heart and will wait for love. They love taking their time with things and are in no hurry to be in an “official” relationship. They want it to be real, not just look real.

4. Old souls want to spend quality time

Turn your phone off. Old souls want to spend time with you. They want to laugh with you. Cry with you. Build memories with you. They want you to be present and to be glad that you are.

5. Old souls love to brainstorm with their partner, you will hear “what if” than ever before

The minute an old soul is comfortable with you, they become a mountain of existential questions. A number of times that they drift off into speculation is countless. The fact that they love to discuss their strange ideas, theories, and understanding of the world will keep you on your toes as well.

6. Old souls value personal space deeply

As much as old souls love you, they also love space between you and them. Old souls can spend days staring off into space, going on walks alone, spending the evening alone or what-have-you, they just like to have time to be with just them and will love it if you feel similarly.

7. Old souls tell the truth, even if it’s hard or awkward

When the going gets tough, the tough get open. Old souls do not repress, neither are they on a quest to simply express themselves. They just want to tell the truth when it is both appropriate and constructive. They also love being told the truth because they know that it is beneficial long term.

8. Sometimes, melancholy is the only mood for the evening for an old soul

Some days, old souls just want to brood. They want to indulge in their melancholy feelings about the world around them. They don’t want you to cheer them up. They just want to feel what they feel and process as they process. For this reason, they may not attempt to cheer you up every time that you are down. They may be allowing you to enter into that melancholy and to discover the answers yourself.

Old souls love people and are great at relationships. They just tend to get awkward first when the relationships transition from being just platonic. Let them process, let them be. They will do the same for you. It may just be worth your while to date an old soul. They really are the best.

9. Old souls are homebodies are prefer casual dates, with a committed person

Old souls love to be comfortable and are likely to be found in their homes, in sweats or leggings, just enjoying their time. They have nothing against adventure. They just don’t need it all of the time. Old souls grow content quickly and are happy to just spend time with their partner. If you date an old soul, you would finally be able to just lay around with a soul that feels like your best friend.

10. Old souls notice and love the little things, you don’t need to wow them, just pay attention

When there is a birthday, a haircut, a color change, a shift in tone, or a subtle joke– old souls are paying attention and would appreciate if they felt like they were noticed too. Old souls are more likely to see the little shifts in day to day life with you as you date and you may pick up on it and appreciate it as well. The little things makes life fuller somehow.

11. Old souls may seem to be indifferent about a lot of things, but they feel deeper than they show

Old souls are not necessarily known for their expressiveness (not that there are not expressive old souls out there). Sometimes that’s just their resting face, but they care a lot about what you are saying. If they weren’t able to focus for some reason and it was an important topic to you, they may ask to discuss it at a later them when they can pay attention.

12. Old souls are in it for the long haul, cheating is a LOT less likely

When an old soul commits to you, they commit to you. They take dating pretty seriously and will tend to have eyes for only you and expect the same. They usually re not looking for short term relationships as much as to be with someone who they can build deeper trust with and just spend time.

13. Old souls inspire you to be your best self and will cheer you on every step of the way

Old souls know you. They know your dreams, your passions, and how you sometimes get in your own way by watering your doubts. They know how to inspire you to pick up from where you left off and try again. They understand that you are on your way, as they are, and they will be the first to remind you that you are not in this alone.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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