5 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

9 Things That Every Strong, Smart, Attractive Woman Is Looking For In Her Match

People have different preferences when it comes to choosing their mate. But if you’re a guy who would like to have a chance to call strong, smart, and attractive (aka triple-bonus lady!) your girlfriend, you should bring the same qualities to a relationship. In addition, you should also be aware of these required traits :

1. She wants you to know when to ‘step up’ and ‘step back’

Just because it ‘seems’ like she could do everything herself doesn’t mean she wants to or is really able to. In every strong woman is a desire to be protected and taken care of. You should be able to lead when you have to but don’t get easily bruised if she wants to take charge either.

2. Be very specific with her

Even a hint of uncertainty is a turn off as she doesn’t like nor has time for it. Most likely because a strong, smart and attractive woman is busy. She has other things to deal with. But she likes you so she wants to give you her time and attention. However, she also wants to be certain about what is going on. If you want to ask her out, be specific. Saying ‘maybe we can go see a movie sometimes’ is not going to cut it for her. It sounds like you’re not really sure and you’re just saying it for a sake of saying it. Do tell her exactly that ‘I’d like to take you out for a dinner and a movie. Which day does it work best for you this week or next?”

3. Be very confident in yourself but not arrogant

Praising her for her great qualities is nice and all, but she also wants to hear you express how proud you are of yourself as well. Selling yourself short with her is a turn-off. If you ever feel inferior to her in any way, you better not consider wasting her time nor yours.

4. Do not say she’s intimidating

Unless she acts snobbish, arrogant, and condescending to others, it’s not her fault if anyone feels intimidated by her. So, don’t make it sound like it’s her bad quality. She probably has heard it way too many times how intimidating she ’seems’. She definitely doesn’t think of herself as intimidating. She just carries herself well and walks tall with confidence and pride. It should be adorable and admirable, not intimidating.

5. There are still things she is not capable of

No matter how strong she seems, you should know that there are always things that she ‘can’t’ do. She’s not a Marvel Superwoman. Make her feel that it’s ok to feel weak sometimes. She wants to feel safe to show her weaknesses with you.

6. Be very proud to show her off

If she goes out with you, that means she thinks you have a great potential and you’re a great catch. She definitely is a great catch too. So, make sure you show her off to your friends and family. Everyone likes to feel important.

7. Be consistent and let your action prove yourself to her

You’ve heard it that action speaks louder than words. But everyone still likes to hear nice things about themselves. So, be good with your words but make sure it’s sincere. And then follow through with your action. It’s also important to be consistent. She’s smart enough to know that things look rosy and fun when it’s early on. Only time can separate you apart from other ‘players’.

8. Be very patient with her

This ‘triple-bonus’ woman is not desperate. She’ll take her time to let you court her and prove yourself to her. She’s not playing you. She just wants to make sure you’re the real deal.

9. She is still a human being after all

Just like everybody else, she’s a human being who wants to be loved and in a great nurturing relationship with a wonderful man. Don’t play with her feelings if you don’t have any intention to build a great relationship with her and stick around. You might think that without you she would find another guy easily so it’s not a big deal to play with her for a while. So wrong. If she likes you and invests her time with you, it’s very hurtful to be played. She chose you for a (good) reason. Be considerate.

These triple-bonus women are very rare to find, especially if they also don’t have any drama.  If you’re lucky enough to be dating one, I hope you are well aware of this fact and treasure this relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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