Here’s How The Mercury Retrograde In Pisces Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

There’s a brief moment in time where we get a split moment of peace until it alllll comes back again. This is the sentiment we’re experiencing as our first planet goes retrograde in 2020– Mercury, at that. We’re approaching the astrological New Year, and Mercury Rx is the obstacle we have to deal with before we can ring in the party. Mercury begins retrograde course on February 16 in 12°53’ Pisces and doesn’t end until March 9. Mercury will backtrack into Aquarius on March 4 and go back into Pisces near the time it goes direct.

No need to freak out, hide under the bed, or call into work. We’ve already experienced a Mercury retrograde in Pisces back in March 2019. This year is the last of the water retrograde cycles for Mercury, so can we get an amen to that?! Plus, the fact there’s no negative aspects to this retrograde and that we’re familiar with this energy won’t make it as intense or tough as other retrogrades. Think back to this time last year and determine whether there’s any themes, behaviors, or anything lingering that’s worth your attention.

Note how last year’s Mercury retrograde in Pisces didn’t backtrack into Aquarius; therefore, there’s different implications for how it’ll play out. Rather than kicking off with a Full Moon in Virgo like last year, we’re welcoming this retrograde with the New Moon in Pisces conjunct Mercury Rx. This lessens the perfectionist self-criticism; however, it’s important to not get complacent in what could be to where you’re channeling your energy from the wrong places.

Remember Mercury Rx is intended to give us the extra time and energy we didn’t necessarily know we needed, so this critical eye for details is thankfully needed towards the end when we have the Full Moon in Virgo on March 9. What makes retrogrades so difficult is the overwhelming informational downloads that can make us shut down instead of being productive. Taking place in Pisces fosters a sense of disillusionment, yet we can use the physical energy of Venus in Aries and Mars in Capricorn to generate creativity and create movement in other areas until Mercury goes direct.

Last year, the other inner planets were in fixed signs— Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus. This year, Venus is in Aries while Mars is in Capricorn. The shift from fixed to cardinal energy is redirecting us to where we’re learning to discern between our mental, emotional, to include social constructions. Especially considering Mercury backtracks in Aquarius, we get a glimpse of how to intellectualize over emotionalize what we experience. As the nodes shifted in January 2019 from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn, this will especially pronounce the energy shift– especially in matters of creativity versus contribution in respect to how social and familial constructs hamper our growth in this area.

How this personally impacts each sign depends on the house each of the involved planets are in. For even more personalized results, it’s important to know and check information on your rising sign. To calculate your birth chart, click here.

Here’s how each zodiac sign is affected:

Aries/Aries Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 12th house of spirituality, dreams, and closure. Venus passes through your 1st house of self and appearance whereas Mars is energizing your 10th house of career. Your self-improvement has been on its A-game lately, whereas new beginnings in areas of love and career are in the works.

You’ve been moving so fast and taking on so much, don’t be surprised at the slight frustrations you have once everything slows down come retrograde. You may not want to push or start anything new. Instead, focus on what you haven’t finished in a previous creative or work project (that you still have interest in but perhaps got sidetracked from). You may find an answer you’ve been looking for, or even if it’s just a reminder that saves your butt. Regardless, you need an energy release of any kind or you may be a bit antsy, impatient, and unfocused.

Your focus is what you need right now. Expend your energy on improving the quality of what you have, as it takes far less energy. Time to be more diligent in your energy. Don’t do anything impulsive when it comes to altering your appearance. If you need the stimulation, try a challenging workout routine or self-expression exercises. Also tune in your dreams for messages at this time, as your subconscious mind will be especially receptive with the Sun in your 12th house.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 11th house of social media, sociality, and group identity. Venus passes through your 12th house of spirituality and closure whereas Mars is energizing your 9th house of travel, expansion, and worldview. Many of you have been shifting from how you associate with others and finding a creative outlet that allows you to expand yourself.

You may have been more reflective than usual, especially since Mercury retrograde entered its shadow period. Whether many of you have been traveling or planning to in the near future, you may be feeling less up to it. It’s usually advised not to travel during retrograde; however, whatever it is you’re planning on doing is much needed. Just be sure to double check flights, packing, arrangements, or anything that may cause any frustrating inconveniences on your trip. The goal here is to minimize stress for you.

If you’re planning a trip, keep a careful eye out for details and prices– as you may find a better bargain or option post-retrograde. Also keep an eye on your social media and what you put out there for the world to see. Don’t hesitate to use it to channel and share your thoughts, but also honor the fact you may be craving a break from it. At least your creative flow won’t be too badly disrupted, so do your best to remove all stress triggers to where you’re more receptive to these downloads. You want to focus on the little moments of peace, not those of inconvenience.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 10th house of career, achievement, and purpose– backtracking in your 9th house of travel and worldview. Venus passes through your 11th house of social media and group identity whereas Mars is energizing your 8th house of transformation, taboos, and sex. Perhaps a certain idea or issue has put a fire in your belly recently, which is pushing you to be more curious and investigative about it.

Many of you may have come to a recent realization that is more or less challenging to express or accept– whether it’s on yours or someone else’s behalf. It can have to do with an online niche or your community, but it can also be any relation having to do with sex, shared resources, birth/death, or inheritances for others. Now may not be a good time for playing devil’s advocacy because you could mislead others in your expressions and intentions. After all, it may be easy to with all the informational downloads your ruling planet overwhelms you with during retrograde.

Remember your sign is known as the wordsmith– you can use wit and words to hurt and help you. The key lesson for you is learning how to integrate both the beauty and science of perception.Exercising diligence in how you effectively express your self-perception to where you can be right without being fully right— which, is all you need to be impressionable.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 9th house of travel, expansion, and worldview. Venus passes through your 10th house of career and achievement whereas Mars is energizing your 7th house of relationships and partnerships. Many of you have been considering a new work opportunity that may date back to this time last year, whereas redirection in the love sector is now in focus.

Some of you may be considering a new job offer or opportunity; however, there may be a conflict of interest with any personal or platonic relationships. Perhaps it has to do with a vacation, flight, or moving out effort that was planned a while back. This retrograde may be a time for reconfiguring plans. Not that big changes have to be made necessarily, but you likely forgot about said obligation to where you’ll have the chance to be proactive– whether it be rescheduling, cancelling in advance to get a refund, or anything related. If you are traveling, be sure to pay that little bit of extra for flight protection.

For others, redirecting the discourse of a relationship (friend, lover, anyone you relate and reciprocate with) may be important to you. Whether it’s moving in together, putting a ring on it, giving it a title, or social media official even. Perhaps a reversal or delay of the aforementioned. Whatever it is, just be patient and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those you love and who love you.

Leo/Leo Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 8th houses of transformations, sex, and long term commitment. Venus passes through your 9th house of travel, expansion, and worldview whereas Mars is energizing your 6th house of health, lifestyle, and routines. Many of you have been approaching how you go through the mundane, from how you eat, walk, sleep, to anything you do daily.

You may feel a need for stimulation you can’t seemingly get around this time. It can be in areas of sex, fantasies, commitment, and/or desire; however, it may have to weakened confidence due to weakened libido, celibacy, abstinence, loneliness, or anything related. An “out of the game” feeling, if you will. It could simply be a new interest of yours in your love or intellectual sector that you’re subconsciously second guessing, and this retrograde may reveal why. Distance, cultural differences, sexuality, age difference, or anything of the liking may play into this.

You’re likely seeking mental stimulation in respect to what is unknown or lacking in experience. Those feeling less impacted by the sexual influence of the 8th house may be more focused in areas of their shared resources and how it’s impacting your productivity in areas of your physical and mental health. Now’s not a time to impulsively make final decisions on moving afar, last minute travel, one night stands, or enrolling in anything that may have long term consequences such as children, debt, or anything related. Anything else done diligently can highlight considerable blessings, however.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 7th houses of relationships and partnerships. Venus passes through your 8th house of transformations and long term commitments, whereas Mars is energizing your 5th house of creativity and recreation. You’ve been in pursuit of that best life, Virgo, yet the feeling of union can send you into an overthinking frenzy during this period.

Many of you are blossoming in your love sector, whether it’s new love in the form of casual dating, engagements/new marriage, or ending a recent relationship that you felt really defined you. For others, it could be a pronounced loneliness or the whole “for me to be surrounded by so many, I sure am lonely”. Regardless, it’s likely your Virgo anxiety doing that thing it always does. Mercury is your ruling planet, so any retrograde can make you feel out of wack— even for no good reason.

Don’t try to age young love so fast by overthinking the long term commitment, Virgo. Those who are single: get out there and have some fun! If you have a love interest, experiment with your romantic expressions. Those in a relationship: do something exciting and unusual. Go enjoy nature or get out on the town. Enjoy you time if you really need it. Just don’t confuse your need for alone time with your independence being jeopardized to where you sabotage your own relationships or peace of mind.

Libra/Libra Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 6th houses of health, lifestyle, and routines. Venus passes through your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, whereas Mars is energizing your 4th house of family, living situations, and the comfort zone. Many of you have been spicing up the love sector and expanding the personal [and even geographic] boundaries of your comfort zone in recent months— or, in the very least been deeply considering it in the future.

Whether it’s getting romantically involved with someone in an unconventional setting, culturally different background, or anything related, you’ve been making big life choices lately that ultimately tie to where you’re living to how it affects your work and family life. The family and home sentiments— good or bad— you experienced heavily last March may be coming back again. To include any frustrations centered on relationship problems (or a lack thereof because you’re single).

Remember you’ve been making big changes because you’re ready to be of service to the world with your gifts. Give whoever a FaceTime call or check in with them via text more often— just bear in mind Mercury retrograde can have us all spinning in different directions. Be patient if they aren’t as responsive as you’re suddenly feeling to be. Don’t overthink and get back into your mojo by switching up your dieting or workout routine. You may have been feeling better about yourself in general, so do anything you can to remind yourself to keep up the good work!

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 5th house of creativity and recreation. Venus passes through your 6th house of health, lifestyle, and routines whereas Mars is energizing your 3rd house of friendships, locality, and personal technologies. There’s been a big focus for you on what makes you feel and look good— and now that’s being put to the test.

2019 was both an empowering and heavy for you, and thankfully the self-work is soon to pay off. You sometimes want to have control of everything that happens in life. Mercury retrograde is asking you to just live— to explore and exercise your creative outlet. As the 5th house also rules children and the ‘young love’ side of marriage, anyone experiencing change in this area is also being asked to be present with yourself in those moments. Share them with others, to include your friends. Don’t feel guilty for posting a little more on social media than you’re used to.

You’ve transformed your pain into power over the past year. Now it’s time to allow yourself to be happy and show everyone not all is dark about you. You’ve been glowing differently, but your goal is to illuminate. This retrograde is blessing you with time to breathe and to be— take advantage of it. Also bear in mind 3rd house also rules transportation, computers, and phones, so double check any software updates, car maintenance, or anything related that can cherry top what may be a crappy day(s) already.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 4th house of family, living environment, and comfort zone. Venus passes through your 5th house of creativity and recreation, whereas Mars is energizing your 2nd house of personal finances, security, and what we overall value. Others may impressed just how much you’ve been holding it down for yourself in these areas over the last year.

As Jupiter was in your sign all of 2019, you saw many areas of your life expand. You’re not feeling as soft as this time last year, as family sentiments were a strong focus for you— which likely pertains to anything that’s happened with you or a loved one. You’ve been able to value your entertainment recently; however, this retrograde is throwing some of these issues back to you to where you may have to buckle down a bit more than you were hoping.

Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Simply, just be mindful of your pocketbook and ensure you’re a little more available than usual. Something random may arise during retrograde— perhaps anything with home improvement or security. Including the aforementioned issue. Spring cleaning and experimenting with your home’s aesthetic is also a good outlet for this energy. Keeps you around while allowing you to prepare your space to host upcoming spring parties.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 3rd house of friendship, locality, and personal technologies. Venus passes through your 4th house of family, living situation, and comfort zones whereas Mars is energizing your 1st house of self and appearance. After the nodes have sent your sign through hell and back, this energy is the catching of your breath you need.

You may have felt overly stuck in your headspace to where you’ve been more of a homebody than usual. You may be coming out of this, which is making you feel you need to be seen out on the town or even on your social media. If you aren’t burdened with responsibility, it would do you a lot of good to get out of the house. The opportunity to catch up with old friends may present itself during this retrograde period, whether it’s over phone, social media, or traveling shorter distances to see them.

Perhaps these friends are special in some way to where you enjoy the time spent. Just be sure to double-check your car maintenance, update and charge your phone, fill up your tank, and anything else that could possibly go wrong. You may even be reminded how much you’ve outgrown your situation to where you’re longing for new company. Now’s a good time to even make new friends on your social media. Just know you aren’t alone, Capricorn. Gotta break down before you breakthrough.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 2nd house of finances, security, and what we value. Venus passes through your 3rd house of friendships, locality, and personal technologies whereas Mars is energizing your 12th house of spirituality, dreams, and closure. Your self-esteem with respect to your creative contributions and overall soul’s purpose has been a focus for you since this time last year.

Many of you have been growing more financially independent while shifting your career path to something that’s more authentic to you. Others have achieved milestones in this area that’s paving the way for you to be this in upcoming months. This retrograde, however, may snap you back into bad financial habits you outgrew a while back. Or, in the very least, overlooking the creative downloads that may be able to bless your pocketbook in the future.

If you meditate or keep up with your dreams, you may receive insight or inspiration leading you to an ‘aha!’ moment. Remember Mercury backtracks into your sign towards the end, so your 1st house of self and appearance comes into focus. You’re being called to lead everything you do through your relentless individuality— and if you’re second-guessing this, this retrograde is giving you time to sort this out with yourself. Remember your eccentricity is why we all love you, Aquarius.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

This retrograde (and the Sun in Pisces) is passing through your 1st house of self and appearance. Venus passes through your 2nd house of personal finances, security, and what we value. Mars is energizing your 11th house of community, social media, and group identity. As many of you are on the way to big new beginnings, there’s a bit of last-minute homework you’ll have to do during this retrograde period.

Note you had Mercury Rx in your sign last March, so keep an eye on anything repeating itself to you in areas requiring long term commitments— more specifically the financial and investment side of everything. Likely tied to anything procreation, marriage, death, or any other 8th house matter (as it’s opposite of the 2nd). Whether it’s feeling down in the dumps or just feeling anxious about planning in this area, remember preparation is your saving grace.

It’s advised to keep an eye on any personal budgets, perhaps put off any big purchases. You may find better deals or options post retrograde, which could be frustrating. You may not be as emotional as the last retrograde; however, you could use a creative outlet. It may even be a good time to consult online forums or experiment with DIY projects instead of buying them elsewhere. Whatever you do, keep receipts, pictures, and diligently research. Who knows, you may be quite happy with what you come up with to where it gives you a much-needed confidence boost!

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