Here's How the March 2019 Mercury Retrograde Will Effect Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s How the March 2019 Mercury Retrograde Will Effect Your Zodiac Sign

Happy Astrological New Year, sky lovers!

March is the time to get this party started, but prepare to add a beotch and a half to that guest list. That’s right, Mercury is making its triannual retrograde at 29 degrees 38 minutes of Pisces on March 5th and won’t go direct until the 28th.

Mercury rules intellect, education, communication, and all matters of the mind.

You need not worry, however. If we know someone is bound to crash our party, we plan around it and even reschedule, right?

Stagnation and frustration most often accompany us during retrogrades. However, Mercury is the blessing in disguise that gives us that little extra time we didn’t know we needed. We’re given an opportunity to perhaps fix the little faults of our plans and better prepare ourselves for certain events or even grander opportunities. It’s a time to reconfigure and even clean out our energetic space to welcome abundance, which is why we look at where Venus is in respect to this retrograde.

Depending on which house Mercury is in on your personal natal chart is where he is bound to crash your party. Additionally, those with sun, moon, and/or rising signs within 26 to 30 degrees of Pisces will also most strongly feel the effects.

Your sun sign will resonate, more or less, with what’s going on. I specifically stress you know and check your ascendant sign for further clarification. Your natal house progression is based on where the sun was in respect to the eastern horizon (sun rise or set) which can only be configured with your exact birth time. To get your personalized natal chart, click here.

To skip to your retroscope instead of reading about Mercury in Pisces, look below for your sign.

Mercury is in Pisces: the sign of spiritual closure, dreams, and transcendence.

This energy is wishy-washy, but strangely it’s also heavy. Things may move at a pace a lot quicker than you were expecting. You may find different outlets for escaping certain responsibilities or things that must be addressed to move forward. Quite frankly, it might be overwhelming at first.

With this full moon in Virgo, this energy will spin many of us into harsh self-criticism when we can’t keep up. One thing to take from this retrograde is that we should be improving ourselves and lives every day through the little choices we make and how good we are to ourselves, other people, and just presenting ourselves with grace and honesty.

This is what the Piscean energy is about, baby. If you long to achieve the life that is true to you, you must sit with your emotions, both good and bad. Own them as part of you. Let it soften you. Extract the other emotions, thoughts, or parts of your life that aren’t going to make it with you into this next cycle.

Below are detailed Mercury retroscopes for each zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21st to April 19th): Prepare yourself for a joyfully painful ending and a painfully joyful beginning.

Happy birthday month, Aries! This retrograde is taking place in your 12th house of closures, spirituality, and healing. Thankfully the only thing this retrograde is shaking up for you is within your inner universe. No sticks, stones, or broken bones for you. This retrograde may shine some light onto this part of your past as Venus moves into your 11th house of friendships and sociality. People of your sign are naturally put on a pedestal whether you want it or not, because you’re the #1 of the zodiac!

In turn, your expectations of others often mirror the high expectations others have for you, whether they’re prepared to meet them or not. 2018 was full of painful revelations about learning to be gentle with others and yourself. As your family and love life has blossomed with new beginnings, you’re starting to see what truly matters and perhaps feeling a new sense of joy at the same time.

Many of you are likely reflecting on personal friendships, partnerships, leadership, and perhaps how you handled anything pertaining to them. Likewise, you’re probably evaluating this trait about yourself and working on how you can be more compassionate or even simply being emotionally available for others.

What’s beautiful is how genuine this is for you, Aries. Expect to squeeze a few tears out and reflect on the true joy (or pain) you’re experiencing during this time. You may also feel very grounded in a homely way where you can rejuvenate, stay close to those you love, and prepare yourself for the next approaching cycle.

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th): Wine and dine, not whine and cry.

Have you been grinding hard, Taurus? Rhetorical question, of course. We all know this year with Uranus transiting into your sign until 2025, your career house is simmering the recipe you’ve been cooking up for a while now. You recently finished an endeavor, or part of a grander one, where you’re ready to move into the next phase. However, this retrograde is in your 11th house of friendship and sociality, while Venus is in your 10th house of career and destiny.

You may feel tempted to revisit an old work project, perhaps adding revisions to it. Or you may want to jump headfirst into the next phase of your project, though it may not be the right timing quite yet. Nonetheless, this may stem from a small mishap pertaining to your work which has you overthinking, stressing details, and/or overly impatient to move forward.

It’s highly advisable for you to dabble in social activities. I don’t have to tell you twice to go enjoy a drink or two with a friend, catch up, and tend to the work later. Don’t ever underestimate the power of networking that comes from natural, fun-centered social interactions. If you really just need to post about it on social media, then by golly, do it! (…But don’t get crazy, okurrr.) Refrain from texting any has-beens in your life, especially after those few drinks, and perhaps exercise caution about what you put out there for the world to see.

As Mercury is also in Pisces, don’t feel guilty if your dreams wander a little bit. This is a great time for transcendence; however, just be mindful of living in the now and elevating your energy to where you can accept abundance and expansion into the new when it is time.

Gemini (May 21st to June 20th): Your work responsibilities should be #1 on your “Where To Go MIA Now” list.

Mercury is retrograde in your 10th house of career and your destiny in the world, Gemini. Load and behold, Venus is in your 9th house of travel and expansion. You’ve likely abandoned your responsibilities, whether it be work or school, because your head has been in about five other places, and knowing you, Gemini, you’ve probably been to about 5 separate geographic places in the last week as well.

Not to burst your bubble, but recently you’ve likely experienced some form of loss or interpersonal conflict, likely minor, that has offset your mood and energy. It seems everywhere you go in your mind and in reality is uncomfortable, and you may feel lost in the overthinking. While you naturally crave new places and scenery, lately this has felt heightened largely due to these racking responsibilities you don’t even know where to start dealing with.

Of course, this is all self sabotage! It’s highly advised to limit your travel during this time and take it easy on your health. This can help alleviate your anxiety. Thankfully, this retrograde will give you a needed creativity boost you can channel into your work projects and create something that will not only boost your self-esteem but also gain recognition among your peers, especially once Mercury moves into your 11th house.

Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd): Are you feelin’ it now, Krabs? Time to break out of that shell and begin a new cycle.

This retrograde is taking place in your 9th house of expansion, travel, and abundance, whereas Venus is in your 8th house of transformation, endings, and new beginnings. Cancer, you may feel slight anxieties about the path you’re about to take because you, the crab, are going to have to break out of that shell.

Some of you have plans to move in the near future or make some movement to achieve a certain goal. For you taken Cancers, many of you are continuing into the next cycle with a certain person to grow together. Less relationship-oriented Cancers are anticipating growth in their career or starting a new endeavor that feels in line with their life purpose. For some of you, this can also connect to any recent travel endeavor where you gained a life-changing perspective.

Remember Cancer, be patient with yourself during this time and when moving forward. The North Node is now in Cancer (South Node in Capricorn), so karmic energy is strongly present with you. With you having the north node, you have to be mindful of nurturing yourself before you can truly manifest. Thankfully, this means you are going to get a huge kick off from the universe later this year.

That is something to look forward to. Visualization and taking exceptional care of your body will do you wonders.

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd): You’re about to walk across that stage… don’t hold the lion/lioness back!

Astrologically speaking, it’s almost time for your graduation, Leo. It’s almost time for you to step into the lion illuminating in gold, owning their power. The Leo/Aquarius node cycle was an excruciating experience for Leos these last few years. You outgrew old behaviors and people who no longer served you and have been working on how you’re going to reestablish your presence in the world and/or your career.

This is some boss haul energy here as this retrograde is taking place in your 8th house of transformations, endings, and new beginnings. Venus begins in your 7th house and joins Mercury in the 8th. Many of you are preparing to step into some form of power, such as taking on new leadership opportunities and/or stepping into your own to showcase your spectacular ideas. The challenge here for all Leos alike is not to get too caught in the details of your logic or physical surroundings but instead tune into your intuition and genuinely connect with those around you.

You’re also asked to confront any interpersonal conflicts with family, friends, or anyone of that sort. Miscommunication is heightened for you during this retrograde. You must release the fear and self-sabotaging tendencies where you belittle your own self-worth in midst of overthinking what others think of you. You haven’t been honest with yourself about something, and this retrograde is giving you a little time to sort that out with yourself.

Expect a few shed tears or moments of deep thought, as this is a bitterly tender experience that will savor the person you’re growing into. Be transparent and you’ll find more people are in the crowds cheering you on than you think.

They can’t believe it if you don’t believe it yourself, Leo. What you want is yours.

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd): Get bitter or get better.

Your planet is going retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships and relationships, Virgo. Mercury is notorious for sending your sign into an overthinking frenzy. You are your own worst enemy during this retrograde, especially when it comes to self-improvement and self-criticism.

I know you’re thinking, “My life must be retrograde everyday, then.” Virgo, you do have a problem with being rather harsh on yourself without any good reason. Whereas Venus is following behind in your 6th house of health, improvement, and service, you may return to old criticisms about your self-image that you’re being asked to move on from. There’s also a possibility that you’ve felt a disconnect with a partner or person whom you seek reconciliation with, one you’ve perhaps been critical of on something.

A similar theme occurred for you during the 2018 Venus Retrograde. Many of you have had new beginnings in partnerships and relationships; however, new beginnings also indicate confusion and uncertainty. For other Virgos, health or body image concerns may be holding you back from truly connecting to someone, perhaps a soul-level connection. The universe is asking you to address unsurfaced issues you’ve pushed down about yourself to where you can healthily communicate your needs to both whomever you think it concerns and yourself.

It’s time to adopt a more positive attitude (if you haven’t already) about yourself, others, and what you’re going to achieve this year. Not to say you’re negative, dear Virgo, but manifestation starts in the mind. You are rather optimistic when you have a reason to be; therefore, you should meditate on how you can overcome these self-imposed limitations through constructive improvement and, more importantly, empowering your amazing qualities.

This is a promising year, Virgo. Don’t hold yourself back!

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd): Get those scales to balance out between feelin’ yourself and feelin’ what’s around you.

Libra, you’ll really be feelin’ yourself during this retrograde. Mercury is retrograding in your 6th house of health, improvement, and service, while your ruler, Venus, is following behind in your 5th house of expression, creativity, and passion. Most of you likely experienced a sudden shift in direction regarding your life path in recent months. This retrograde is bringing you an unusually empowering energy that’s forcing your lazy yet amazingly fabulous butt up.

This is energy to harness to your benefit. People of your sign can remain lazy when chasing their dreams because you are tactful and realistic. Air signs (like you) are dreamers and have fascinating ideas; however, you’re less likely to take risks unless you know you’ll be successful. Thankfully, Libra, your grace and self-confidence do push you to work harder than your fellow air signs.

This retrograde may bring you overexcitement or impulsivity pertaining to a new opportunity or endeavor. Preserving your energy is extremely important this month because your breakthrough is around the corner. Now isn’t the time to go full force, Libra. This is an excellent time for visualization, self-care, being good to your body, and taking time for self reflection.

You’ll thank your natural scales later when abundance greets you with the dream manifestations you’d been hoping for some time now. Think, speak, and feel it into existence through your faith and optimism so you can see it in existence sooner rather than later.

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd): Don’t stress the mess or mess with the stress.

Uh oh… something been on your mind, Scorpio? Is it time for you to let us know what’s up? This retrograde is taking place in your 5th house of expression, creativity, and passion. Looks like you’re either ready for fun or a much needed break from life’s responsibilities, but something’s holding you back.

With Venus in your 4th house, these responsibilities likely have to do with the family, home, and roots. Many of you have also experienced slight, even major, mishaps in the home pertaining to unsettled issues between certain family members or perhaps even roommates. For most of you, there’s been a prolonged sense of responsibility you’ve willingly burdened yourself with that you’re not sure how much more you can take. For others, this can be as lighthearted as wanting friend time after work or a partner being your only friend for a while to get your mind off things.

Understand this is completely natural and that you owe it to yourself, Scorpio. Your happiness and stress levels matter too. Many of you likely have a minor (perhaps more serious) health issue you’ve tended to, and it’s really important you don’t do anything to trigger it now.

If you feel stuck during this retrograde, try to cope accordingly with an outlet for your creativity or by channeling your ideas into a journal or venting to an old friend. Once this retrograde makes its way out, you’ll likely find it easier and more productive to discuss any issues you’ve built up with whomever it concerns.

The goal here is to prepare yourself for healthy and productive communication, Scorpio. You deserve happiness!

Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st): Home is totally where the heart is.

Oh, Sag. Are you feeling slight anxiety because of too much work, whether that’s school- or job-related? This retrograde is cruising into your 4th house of family, home, and roots, with Venus following behind in your 3rd house of intellect, communication, and education. In this type of situation, the Sag response is one of two things: work, work, work or get irritated with everything and shut down. You may also struggle with wanting to stay around the house and do nothing, yet you likely have to get these things done due to the consequences that’d ensue otherwise.

(Most) Sag people aren’t emotionally inclined; however, you may feel a little softer around this time. Some of you would like more time with family or your significant other; as many of you are likely away for job or education related reasons. For others, it’s simply emotional unavailability which is gradually lessening (all fire signs are experiencing this). If there’s distance, don’t hesitate to be more communicative at this time to receive the touch of home you’re looking for.

You may benefit from spring cleaning projects where you can create a nice, relaxing space to just be in. Your home is key this month because you need it whether you want to admit it. We get it, Sag, you have enough energy and brain power to persist with any endeavor, but it’s time to refill that heart of yours. It will do you wonders when getting back to the grind.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th): Blindfolded or bill folded?

Where the heck is your head right now, Capricorn? You’re likely confronted with a mental dilemma where you’re battling with decisions, ideas, and whiplash from the past. Makes sense, considering this retrograde is making its way through your 3rd house of intellect, communication, and education with Venus following behind in your 2nd house of finance, self-esteem, material possessions.

Some of you may have trouble getting to someone you care about or may feel a slight distance. Communication is an issue at this time, so you may not realize yourself slipping into areas of your past, some for needed reasons while others may be better left alone. Others of you may have too many emails you really don’t want to respond to, or you have an entrepreneurial/business pursuit in the works that you feel stuck on, especially concerning what moves to make regarding communications with anyone important.

For many of you, you may have a minor financial mishap. You may think you have more money than you do, so be mindful of that as well. You may also find yourself splurging a bit and treating yourself to some online shopping or a traveling opportunity. If this is you, the universe is saying, Why the heck not?! But it’s also saying to not get too crazy, either.

Thankfully, this is temporary, Capricorn. Just get through this weird juju and you’ll be golden post-retrograde.

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th): Stop, drop, and bank roll.

Aquarius, have you been wasting time on a not-so-fulfilling job or source of income? This retrograde is firing up your 2nd house of finances, material possessions, and self-esteem, with Venus following behind in your 1st house of appearance, first impressions, and the self.

Many of you are ready to take a new leap of faith in what you want to achieve for yourself. You’ve been silently building on something you want for yourself, whereas the last few years with the nodes in Leo and Aquarius came with painful karmic lessons that posed its challenges for you. Thankfully this has mostly passed, but some bad financial habits are bound to backfire for you. However, all is not lost if you’re simply mindful of what you do during this retrograde period.

Some of you within the last year or so have moved somewhere new in result of the aforementioned; likewise, for many of you, it came with a spark to initiate your dreams into reality. Now you may feel financially burdened with the costs of making this happen. Some of you have been financially codependent, whether it be with a partner or even a job that isn’t compensating what you’re worth.

This retrograde may intensify pre-existing frustrations with your self-image because you thrive best when you rely on yourself. You want to shine like the star you are, but how do you when everyone is pulling your life’s strings and orchestrating the show for you? You’re just longing to step into your own power and make things happen on your terms.

Don’t worry, Aquarius, because things are happening! Time to reconfigure that mindset. Use this time to discipline yourself financially and personally to where you can invest in yourself. The universe is feeling mad love towards you this year. Break from this pattern of behavior and watch your returns grow more than you imagined.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th): Turn that dreamer mind into the manifestation station.

Pisces, you can no longer hide in your dreamer mentality, because this retrograde is waking up your 1st house of self, appearance, and first impressions with Venus tracking behind in your 12th house of spirituality, closure, and dreams. Many of you are feeling heavy effects from this retrograde since it’s happening in your sign.

If you can’t explain the weird energy you’re experiencing at the moment, Mercury is happy to show you. Whether it be physically returning home or establishing a new one (perhaps a new family) or ending a previous endeavor, you’re looking to move forward, perhaps with the start of a new job or opportunity. You’ve also had revelations about how you want to appear to those around you.

Everything is going pretty darn good right now, Pisces, despite the weird energy, because you’ve experienced a lot of beautiful beginnings in the last year or two. Truthfully, you probably haven’t sat with those emotions (good and bad). Now that you’ve experienced blessings and contentment in areas of relationships and family, you’re contemplating your growth in your career and social circles.

Whereas these retrogrades may get people too ahead of themselves, it often has the opposite effect on you, Pisces. This stagnant energy can cause you to withdraw or get moody. Need not worry, however. You actually need this. With the Full Moon in Virgo, your mirror sign, be cautious about nit picking yourself and giving into self-sabotage.

Remind yourself to also not get too comfortable. You’ve worked so hard that you may not realize how much you deserve the abundance coming your way. Don’t sell yourself short on any decision during this retrograde. Happiness is coming to you if you’ll just see how worthy of it you really are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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