9 Signs Your Significant Other Loves You For Who You Really Are

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1. They love the things about you that you don’t necessarily love about yourself.

When you’re running around your apartment like a chicken with its head cut off because you forgot where you put your keys only to realize they’re in your hands, your SO isn’t annoyed, they’re one part amused, and two parts smiling at how ridiculous you are. These are the things you hate about yourself, how you’re forgetful and frantic, or messy and all-over-the-place, they not only know this about you, but they accept it, and sometimes they oddly enjoy it. The things you consider ‘weaknesses’ or ‘flaws’ are part of the reason why they love you.

2. They don’t need to ask when something is wrong, they just know.

They won’t ask if you’re okay, they’ll know you’re not, and act accordingly.

3. They know what to do when something is wrong.

Whether they know to give you space, or coddle you like a toddler, they don’t have to question your well-being, or question how they can make it better, they just do. They know to hug you when you’re stressed from work, and to not say a word to you when you’re moody because you just are (probably from PMS), but they know how to make you feel better, maybe not happy, because they’re not some magic pill that will whisk away your problems, but at the least they make you feel comfortable, they make you feel content.

4. They know what makes you happy, and they put in effort to make you feel that way.

They can’t always bring you happiness because sometimes you just have to be sad, or frustrated, or exhausted, but they know the things that have made you happy in the past, when you weren’t feeling so low, and they try to make you remember that too. They try to make you remember the things that are truly important, the things that motivate you and wake you up each morning.

5. They support your greatest aspirations.

They might not always understand your hopes and dreams, or why and how you have them, but one thing is certain, they ALWAYS support them. They don’t question whether or not you can do it, they encourage you to do what makes you happy, to do what invigorates your life and moves you forward.

6. They know your biggest fears, and push you to overcome them.

Whether it’s something as large as failure, or something as small as spiders, they know what scares you, and they don’t want your fears to defeat you. They don’t push you off the edge, but they nudge you when you’re standing there and are too afraid to take the leap.

7. They accept the people you love.

They accept your family and friends; they love them like you do, and they do this because these are the people who have had a great deal in shaping you to become the person that you are.

8. They know the things you’re afraid to talk about, but they let you open up about them when you’re ready.

They don’t persist or pry, they let the things you keep hidden come out when you feel it’s right to let them out. They understand that whatever it is, it’s hard for you to share this part of yourself, and they patiently wait because they know they love you enough to stick around after whatever it is you’re concerned will make them leave.

9. They tell you they love you before you need to hear it.

They don’t make you wonder whether or not they’re love is there. They make their love known before you have any doubt that it’s dwindling. Love isn’t an uncertainty with them; it’s not something you ever need to hear or feel because the things they do make you feel it all of the time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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