If She Does These 8 Things For You, Never Let Her Go


1. She makes compromises (even the little ones).

She realizes a relationship is give and take, and she’s willing to give on the things that matter to you. Every compromise she makes she does because she loves you, and she wants to see you happy. Your happiness adds to hers.

2. She supports you.

You never have to seek to find her encouragement because it’s always there. Whatever ambition, aspiration or dream you have that you think is too far-fetched, she tells you differently. She believes in you through the moments you don’t believe in yourself, and this is why you should never let her go.

3. She makes you see the lighter side of a dark situation.

She doesn’t make you feel bad for feeling bad, she understands that unfortunate things happen, and that the brighter side is often hard to discover, but she reminds you that it’s there. She brings positivity into your life when you need it the most.

4. She disagrees with you.

If she challenges you, that’s everything. She doesn’t concede her opinions and beliefs just because she wants them to be agreeable with yours. She’s able to occasionally disagree with you because she has an heir of independence that will continuously refresh you and your relationship.

5. She tolerates your family and friends.

She understands that you both aren’t going to love all of the same people. She might not be calling up your sister every week for dinner and drinks, but she makes time for the people who matter to you, and she doesn’t complain to you about their less than favorable qualities. She accepts the people you love even if she doesn’t like them herself, and she’s willing to set aside differences because she loves you.

6. She accepts your past.

She doesn’t incessantly question you about your past because she bases your relationship off of the actions you show her that let her know what kind of person you are now. She cares about who you are in this relationship, and not who you once were in any other, and she has the confidence to know the difference between the two.

7. She worries about you.

Because she cares. She doesn’t want anything to happen to you because she doesn’t know what she’d do if anything bad ever did. She loves you and when you love someone you worry about them when they need to be worried about.

8. She shows you love in little ways.

Buying you that 300 dollar accessory for your car is definitely a grand gesture that shows how much she loves you, but leaving a little note on your coffee mug every morning that makes you smile is a smaller gesture that reflects an even larger love. When she shows you love in little ways, it explains just how big her love for you truly is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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