12 Men Reveal How They Really Feel About Women Who Play Hard To Get

Does playing hard to get actually work? How do men truly feel about women who ‘like the chase?’ Thanks to the guys on r/AskMen we can finally get some answers as they tell us how they handle girls who play hard to get.


1. Games are not worth my time.

“Good luck with that, I’m not patient and I will not waste my time on someone who plays games.”

2. There’s a difference between teasing and disinterest.

“I might be in the minority, but I do like a challenge, but everyone has their limits. No one wants to waste their time. There’s a huge difference between teasing and active disinterest.”

3. Why?!

“I don’t understand why girls do that.”

4. I’m not going to chase you.

“I’ll just say this, I don’t even chase my liquor.”

5. Run from them, and they’ll chase you.

“I’ll give you some advice a wise man once shared with me: if you chase after a dog it will run from you, if you run from a dog it will chase you.”

6. Maybe they’re not playing hard to get, maybe your attitude is what’s making them distant.

“Why haven’t you considered that it’s your demeanor/attitude/personality/game that sucks? That seems the obvious answer here. Especially because it seems to keep happening to you. I’ve been successful a few times after a girl made it clear she wouldn’t mind if I approached. Stop blaming women for your problems.”

7. I don’t stroke egos.

“Ignore and move on. Don’t waste your time stroking egos and putting pussy on a pedestal.”

8. If she’s into me, I want her to show me that she is.

“They’re all lost in the ocean of people I meet. I want some engagement from who ever is into me.”

9. Stay away from people who like the chase.

“There are some people who like the chase, and some people who like to be chased. In either case, I would recommend keeping your distance from anyone in either of these categories if you don’t fit into one of these categories yourself. The only time it will end up well is if you’re Adam Sandler, and you are going after Drew Barrymore .”

10. I’ll show interest for someone else in front of them.

“Go after someone else. Preferably while they’re in the same room. That’ll tell you whether or not they’re interested real quick.”

11. They just want you to boost their ego.

“Do not approach them. They’re doing it for the ego boost and free shit. If you’re really insistent about approaching them, do it indirectly. Play the game right back.”

12. They play hard to get because they want you to pursue them.

“Just keep pursuing, that’s all they want.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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