9 Things Every Strong Woman Wishes Her Boyfriend Understood About Her

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

1. She doesn’t want you to confuse her independence for a desire to be alone.

Her independence is something she cherishes, and wants you to cherish as well. She’s not trying to be distant or push you away, she just wants to maintain the part of her life that is hers. You two share a life together, but every moment won’t be shared with each other. She wants you to understand that.

2. There will be times when she will need your help, and want your help.

She is strong, but she can’t do everything, not on her own. No one can, and she knows that. She wants you to understand that even though her independence is obvious, help is something she will need and something she is not afraid to accept.

3. Her decisions are hers to make, you won’t force her to do anything.

When you think she’s only doing something because you want her to, she’s not. She might not enthusiastically enjoy every single thing you do together, but her decisions are just that, hers. She makes them, and she understands what comes from them. She will do things to make you happy, but she does them because she wants to, because seeing you happy makes her happy.

4. She’s not making room for you in her life, you just fit into it.

A strong woman doesn’t make room for someone she loves, because the people she loves are the people who just fit. She knows love can be messy and complicated, but she also knows that while love itself can be difficult, a person should not be difficult to love. Her love for you is easy, she loves you easily.

5. She appreciates everything you do for her.

Pride doesn’t phase her gratitude. She’s never too proud or independent to be thankful for all that you do, even the little things. Every time you take her dog out because she’s too tired, she appreciates it; every time you put her wet clothes in the dryer when she forgets, she appreciates it; every time you tell her you love her after a hard day of work, she appreciates it. She appreciates you, and everything you do.

6. She admires your success.

She doesn’t resent your accomplishments, and she doesn’t compare them to hers. Success is something she wants for you as much as she wants it for herself. She doesn’t want to be better than you, she wants the both of you to become better together.

7. She knows her weaknesses, but she has difficulty letting you see them.

She is willing to admit to the things she knows she isn’t good at, she just hopes you won’t judge her for them. She shows her strength willingly, and while her weaknesses aren’t something she keeps hidden very well, they’re something she continuously works on.

8. Even when she’s busy, she still loves you.

When she’s not there to say good night because she’s at work until 11 pm, she still loves you. When she has problems with family or friends that make her emotionally unavailable, she still loves you. When she is moving through life so fast she can barely catch her breath, she still loves you.

9. Even strong women are vulnerable.

Strong women cry, they regret, they wonder, they imagine. Their strength doesn’t make them incapable of feeling. They’re human, and they have their vulnerable moments. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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