22 Little Acts Of Love To Do For Your Long-Term Partner (That Have Nothing To Do With Sex)


1. Kiss their forehead when they come home from work stressed AF and tell them everything will be okay.

2. Buy them Pedialyte or a giant bottle of Gatorade when they’re hungover. Electrolytes are everything.

3. Tag them in an instagram post while they’re at work that touches on one of many inside jokes only you two understand, that will make their coworkers ask, “Why are you laughing?”

4. Go to events with them that they’re obligated to go to, like the family weddings where everyone is too embarrassed to dance, and have the best time ever, aka be the only one’s dancing and don’t care what anyone thinks.

5. Leave them a nice note somewhere hidden, so they find it when they need it the most. A simple “I Love You,” will make them smile.

6. If you’re thinking about them, send them something to let them know. Even if it’s just a text that says, “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

7. If you still read your news from a newspaper cut out an article you think they’d enjoy, or just an article that made you think of them. (This is the chivalrous/old school form of sharing articles with them from the internet that takes more effort than a simple click.)

8. When they’re lips are chapped offer them your chapstick.

9. Pack them a lunch for work. Fill it with all of their favorite (unhealthy, guilty pleasure) snacks to make their day a little brighter.

10. When they have a water bottle or coffee cup that’s been sitting in their car for ages, take it out, throw it out. Same with the McDonald’s bag tucked in their windshield.

11. Say thank you. When they do something for you, let them know you not only appreciate whatever they did, but you appreciate them, and everything they do for you.

12. When you can tell they need to unwind, let them. You don’t need to fill every silence with words, just be present.

13. If you leave before them for work, brew them a cup of coffee, or leave enough coffee in the pot so they can have a cup.

14. When they’re sad, send them a quote from their favorite book, TV show, movie, etc. that you know will make them smile.

15. Smile at them, smile with them.

16. Laugh with them, laugh at them, laugh at each other.

17. Share something. Anything. Ice cream, a bag of M&M’s, that really comfy arm chair that you both always want to sit on but is only made for one person. Share something you both enjoy.

18. Tell them something you love about them, no matter how simple. ‘I love your laugh,’ takes one second to say.

19. When they’re talking to you give them your full attention.

20. Listen. Even if they’re venting about something you have no interest in.

21. Make them something that reflects you. A poem, a cupcake, a painted beer mug, something that they’ll enjoy because it reminds them of you.

22. Give them a hug when they don’t ask you to, but you just know they need one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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