9 Things Girls Who Love With All Of Their Heart Know To Be True

Marija Mandic
Marija Mandic

1. If you want to find love you have to risk losing it.

You’re not afraid to love with all of your heart, to love like you care, to love with the knowledge that, yes, this feeling could disappear tomorrow, but in your mind the feeling you get from love is worth the risk of losing it. For those who love with all of their heart, it’s worth the risk of having it broken.

2. Just because they didn’t treat you right, doesn’t me you won’t find someone who will.

Because you love with all of your heart, you’ve most likely been hurt before, but that doesn’t mean you look at love any differently. You don’t become a pessimist. You know that just because one person hurt you doesn’t mean everyone else will. You know there’s someone out there who will love you like you love them, someone who appreciates all the love you have to give.

3. It’s hard to find love, and once you find it, it’s even harder to understand it.

You believe it’s out there, you have hope that you’ll find it, but even when you do, it’s not something that comes easily. Love is a language of its own, and it takes time to learn, and you’re learning something new about it every day.

4. When the one you love experiences pain, you feel it too.

You experience your own feelings deeply, and you experience other peoples’ feelings with that same intensity. You’re an empathetic individual who can’t stand to see the ones you love in pain. Their pain is your pain, and you’ll do anything to heal it.

5. You want the people you care about to feel loved.

Effort is something that comes easy to you, especially when you’re in love. You want your partner to feel special, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to make that happen. You’re not afraid of caring too much, you know you care too much, and you demonstrate it unapologetically.

6. You understand that you don’t have to be alone to feel alone.

Because you love with all of your heart, sometimes you expect the person you’re sharing it with to love you back just as much, and when that love isn’t reciprocated you feel alone, even when you’re with them. You can be with someone and still feel lonely, and you know this to be true.

7. You want a love that’s emotional, not just physical.

Sex is great, but for the people who love with all of their heart it means something more. You think of sex as an emotional connection, as something that brings two people closer, and when it’s good, it’s good, but it is usually only good if the connection is both physical and emotional.

8. Your ability to love with all of your heart is not a weakness.

It’s a strength. While others are terrified to let people in, you courageously wear your heart on your sleeve. And while you know this leaves you vulnerable to heartbreak, vulnerability has never been something you’re ashamed of.

9. You know the love that you deserve.

You know the love you’re willing to give, and you know you’ll find someone who not only accepts it, but cherishes it. Someone who feels lucky that you give them your whole heart. You know you deserve this much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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