8 Reasons Why Couples Who Didn’t Experience Love At First Sight Actually Have The Strongest Relationships


1. You took time to learn the other person.

You may not have had that magic moment where you first looked into your partners eyes and knew that it was ‘love,’ you may not have had that initial ‘spark.’ But what you did have was an interest, an interest to get to know this person for who they are on a deeper level than simple first impressions, and this is when you learned you loved them. Because while the first sight of them may not have blatantly signaled love, as they began to open up to you, you began to learn all of the little things about them that would.

2. Your relationship wasn’t founded on physical attraction.

Love at first sight usually means you had an immediate physical attraction, but when the love for your partner was not instantaneous, it’s for reasons that are emotional rather than physical. There was something that caused you two to connect on a deeper level that you didn’t know upon first meeting each other. And this connection occurred not because you had blonde hair and blue eyes, or because he had a man bun, but because you two connected on an emotional level. This is what keeps you two together, because while your blonde hair might turn gray, and his man bun might turn into male-patterned baldness, you are who you are, and that’s how you two fell in love.

3. You’re pleasantly surprised with the feelings that have developed.

When you look back on the day you first met you think, ‘I never would’ve thought we’d be here.’ While you may never have expected to fall in love with this person, or may have thought you never could, you did, and you’re continuously happy because of it.

4. You’re not just using each other for sex.

If it wasn’t love at first sight, there was most likely no hookup at first sight either. You two took the time to get to know each other before an attraction even developed. It’s not that you’re prude, it’s that you couldn’t see yourself having sex with them upon first meeting, and that’s completely fine.

5. You have great sex.

You became comfortable with one another before being intimate and when you’re comfortable with someone, chances are you’ll have great sex. You’re not worried what you look like at certain angles, or what they think about your body’s imperfections, you know they love you for who you are, and that’s part of what makes your sex life so amazing.

6. You have a story (most likely a long one).

Whether your partner was chasing you relentlessly for years and you finally gave them a chance, or whether you were ‘just friends’ for what felt like an eternity, you have a story of your past and how you got to where you are today. Love at first sight sounds romantic, but your relationship has history, and that’s what brings you two even closer.

7. You don’t feel pressure to maintain high expectations.

Love at first sight is hard to continue to live up to. When it starts heated in the beginning, the flame is hard to maintain. With a love that builds gradually, a love that doesn’t happen on the day you first met, there’s not a fear of the flame burning out, if anything the fire gets bigger.

8. You’re not just partners in a relationship, you’re best friends.

You took time to get to know each other, you took time to fall in love, it wasn’t immediate. And within all of that time you’ve suddenly realized this person is more than just your boyfriend or girlfriend, they’re the first person you want to share your good news with, they’re the first person you call when you’re in a corner crying, they’re the person who’s always there for you when you need them, they’re your best friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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