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16 Men Reveal What They’re Thinking When They See Their Girlfriend Naked

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Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

1. “She has no idea how beautiful she is.” —Joey, 27


2. “I notice every curve, freckle, scratch, and scar, and I love them all. I love everything about her, and when she’s naked I love every part of her.” —Bryan, 26


3. “I’m thinking, dayum. That’s basically it.” —Carl, 25


4. “She’s way out of my league.” —Daniel, 28


5. “I’m doing everything I can to calm myself down and not get too excited.” —Stephen, 24


6. “She’s absolutely nuts for having any complaints about her body.” —Clint, 26


7. “Sit on my face, NOW.” —Kevin, 24


8. “I think of that Ludacris song where he wants to lick her from her head to her toes.” —JJ, 25


9. “I’m trying to remember this moment because I’m going to want to imagine it later when she’s not around.” —Michael, 27


10. “I’m wondering why she ever asks me if her ass looks fat because when she’s naked it looks phenomenal.” —Gerry, 28


11. “I’d like to put those breasts in my mouth.” —Cole, 23


12. “Can I touch?” —Landon, 24


13. “Besides the obvious desire to have sex with her, how is her skin so soft?” —Frank, 29


14. “She thinks I notice her lacy panties and matching bra, but all I’m thinking about is what’s underneath them.” —James, 26


15. “What else would I be thinking? Gimme some.” —Carter, 24


16. “I’m thinking, how did I get so lucky, and why the hell did she choose me?” —Lucas, 26 TC mark

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    it was a really amazing post you have published. I really enjoyed reading all these comments because I felt they are exactly my ideas!!! OH MY GOD!!

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    Some of these are very sweet, while some are definitely male. I have thought most of them at one time or another.

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