7 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Girl Who Everyone Assumes Is Sweet (But Is Also Kinda Sassy)


1. You ARE NOT a pushover.

People often assume your perpetual smile means you’re easy to walk all over, but you’re well aware when someone is taking advantage of your kindness, and you refuse to let it happen. You are sweet, but you’re not stupid, and the people who are looking to absorb your kindness in all the wrong ways will be sorely disappointed.

2. Your friends love you, and your enemies hate you.

Your friends know your sweetness comes from the bountiful supply of love within you, but they also know your sass comes from a place of love too. Your enemies, on the other hand, experience your sass differently. When you give your enemies sass it doesn’t stem from your sweetness, it stems from everywhere else. Your enemies get completely side-swept by your back-talk because you hit them when they’re least expecting it.

Don’t mess with the girl whose smile melts your heart, because her eye glare will melt your soul.

3. You’re optimistically a realist.

Typically optimism and realism don’t associate, but you’re the type of person who hopes for the best, yet prepares for the worst. Your sweet side is the hopeless romantic within you that pictures your life like The Notebook, but your sassy side brings out the realist in you who occasionally says you’ll never find love again and swears off all men as assholes.

4. You’ve got killer comebacks for people who pick on you.

You’re the nice girl who is often the butt of other people’s jokes, and that’s given you practice for catching people off guard. They think you’re an easy target, but little do they know you’re ready to fire right back. When someone asks you if you fell of your skateboard in reference to your destroyed denim you tell them they’re proof that evolution can go in reverse. Your sass makes you unafraid to give people a taste of their own medicine.

5. The sweet side of you always makes the first impression.

Your sassy side tends to stay incognito when meeting someone new, but when you begin to feel comfortable she makes an unannounced appearance. Upon first meeting you, people think you’re ‘as sweet as could be,’ but it’s only a matter of time before they see you dancing on tables or cursing out your best friend’s ex at the bar. Again, sweet, but also sassy.

6. When you’re pissed it’s written all over your face.

Your emotions aren’t easily concealed. When you’re happy, you’re smiling so big people are questioning what’s wrong with you, but when you’re mad you’ve got a look of disgust that says, ‘don’t mess with me.’ You can be a sweetheart, but you can also be a fiery diva who cannot be bothered with other people’s nonsense.

7. Your sass is just as sassy as your sweetness is sweet.

As sweet as you can be, and as much as everyone will tell you so, your sassiness never ceases to surprise people. It’s not a sweet sassy, it’s not an ‘aw she’s so cute,’ sassy. It’s an ‘oh damn did that just come out of her mouth?’ type of sass that shocks anyone who has yet to experience your diva-like disposition. You never fail to surprise people, and that’s a good thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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