10 Hot Reasons You Should Date The Girl Who Has A Dirty Sense Of Humor


1. She’s always horny.

For every dirty joke in her equally dirty mind she has a bit of pent-up sexual tension that she absolutely needs to release. She has a dirty sense of humor because she’s constantly thinking about sex, because she constantly wants to be having it.

2. Your thoughts will never be too dirty for her.

Chances are you’ll never say anything that she hasn’t thought about saying herself. She’s heard every anal joke, and she’s probably re-used them. There’s no such thing as too dirty for this girl. She’s filthy.

3. She’s not easily insulted.

The word penis doesn’t make her blush, and you’ll never hear her refer to her genitals as va-jay-jay or hoo-hoo. She won’t be insulted if you call her a pussy, and she probably uses the word on a regular basis. She’s no stranger to the see-you-next-tuesday either.

4. She’s open to dirty talk.

Sleeping with a dirty-humored girl is an opportunity to express your colorful vocabulary. You can get creative with her, and she’ll probably laugh about it later, but she’ll appreciate it while it’s happening. Tell her you want to cum between her tits and she’ll tell you only if you promise to cum on her ass afterwards.

5. She’s clever AF (in a dirty way).

There will never be a moment when this girl doesn’t know what to say. She’s witty and quick, and it’s never clean. You will be anxiously awaiting her response when someone comes into your apartment on a rainy day saying, ‘I’m soaked.’

6. She always makes things interesting.

Dull moments are few and far between when you’re dating a girl with a dirty sense of humor. Just when you think things are getting boring she throws in a dirty joke that not only makes you laugh hysterically, but kinda gets you going. Her humor will have a weird way of turning you on when you’re least expecting it.

7. She’s fun to bring to parties.

She’s not the girl you bring to parties and your friends say, ‘She’s quiet, but sweet.’ She’s the girl you bring to parties and your friends say, ‘holy shit where did you find this girl?’ She’s not afraid to say what’s her on mind (especially if it’s dirty), and she’s not afraid how people will react to it. She is genuinely herself, no apologies or inhibitions attached.

8. Your friends will think she’s hilarious.

Other women might not appreciate her dirty sense of humor, and they often might look down on it, but the boys always seem to find her perverted ways at least slightly entertaining. She doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘ladylike’ nor does she care about it, and while other women are cringing every time she opens her mouth, your guy friends are laughing out loud. LOL.

9. She always has a good ‘that’s what she said’ in her back pocket.

When she can’t come up with a clever or witty comeback she has plenty of ‘that’s what she saids’ ready to fire. She won’t be the girl who uses them when they don’t make sense, “My mom likes those flowers too,” “That’s what she said.” What? She’ll be the girl who finds the perfect opportunity that makes you think, ‘did she really just say that?’ and you can’t help but crack up anyway. When her girl friends says “I need a facial…”  “That’s what she said.”

10. She knows how to have fun.

Ever date the girl who is perfect in every way but can never lighten up? That’s not this girl. She’s always lit. The girl with a dirty sense of humor doesn’t second guess herself. She’ll be the girl whose Halloween costume has a dildo attached, and she will not once question, ‘is this inappropriate?’ She knows it’s inappropriate, along with half the other things she does, but she just goes for it, and she has a blast while doing so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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