10 Unapologetic Things Opinionated Women Don’t Feel Bad About


1. If there’s a topic you’re super passionate about, you will NEVER back down.

You have that one conversation topic that triggers heated discussions, not necessarily arguments, but healthy debates. You freely express your views on the topics that are most important to you, and if someone brings them up you sure as hell are going to say something.

2. You think your opinion is worth hearing, but you don’t think it’s always right.

You might joke with your friends that you’re never wrong, but you don’t actually believe it. Your opinionated personality understands that your view matters, but you also understand other people’s opinions are of equal importance. You hope others respect your beliefs just like you respect theirs.

3. You won’t always agree with someone else, but you listen and consider their ideas nonetheless.

No one would describe you as agreeable, but you’re never too good to at least listen. You might not always agree, but you don’t label one view wrong or right, you accept that there’s a wide array of thinking.

4. You love a challenge.

And not just when it comes to disagreeing with other’s opinions. You’re unafraid to express your values just like you’re unafraid to accept the challenges that lie ahead of you. Your ability to dispute other people’s ideas influences your ability to handle any and every challenge in life.

5. You’re not afraid to ask questions.

When you don’t understand someone or something you don’t pretend that you do, you ask the necessary questions to prevent miscommunication. In school you were the kid who fully embraced the idea that there is no stupid question, and as often as your teachers told you this is as often as you would ask questions that bordered the ‘stupid’ line. You like when others ask about your ideas to avoid misunderstanding, so you do the same for them. It never hurts to ask.

6. You admit to your weaknesses.

You know that you’re not perfect, and your opinions aren’t either. You feel that admitting to your weaknesses actually makes you stronger because you have the courage to prominently express when you feel you’re doing right, but you also have the humility to admit when you know you’ve done something wrong.

7. You can talk someone’s ear off, but you’re also a good listener.

You realize you tend to talk a lot especially in heated discussions, but you’re equally skilled at listening as you are at talking. You might become angry when someone cuts you off in conversation, but you’re willing to listen to whatever is so important in making them do so.

8. You’re extremely curious.

Your curiosity is a side effect of your desire to always fully understand someone, and when you can’t understand someone or their opinion, you continue to become more curious until you do.

9. Authority doesn’t prevent you from speaking your mind.

Which can get you into some sticky situations, particularly when it comes to law enforcement or your place of employment. It’s fantastic to speak up and be heard, but when it comes to authority doing so in a respectful manner is a very important boundary to be wary of.

10. You don’t allow the judgement of other’s to prevent you from speaking up.

You don’t let the fear of how other’s will respond to your opinions keep you from expressing them. It may have taken you some time, but you’ve mastered the art of caring less about what other’s think, and more about how great it feels to be completely yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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