14 Women Share What They’d Rather Have For Valentine’s Day Than Chocolate Or Flowers

1. “Something that says more than he stopped at Rite Aid on his way home from work.” —Stacey, 26

2. “How about a weekend getaway. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, we could sleep in a tent for all I care, but it’s just me and him, and that’s the important part.” —Kelsey, 24

3. “Anything that demonstrates he put thought into it. Let’s just say I’ve been complaining about my constant back pain, well a nice couple’s massage would a) solve that problem and b) let me know he actually listens to me, occasionally.” —Claire, 25

4. “We shouldn’t need one day of the year to show how much we love each other. He should show me that kind of love every day.” —Alise, 25

5. “What do I want instead of flowers? Sex. Good sex.” —Alexis, 27

6. “Flowers say, ‘Hey look, I bought you something.’ Anyone can buy me flowers. I want my boyfriend to do something only he can do for me. Something personal.” —Mara, 25

7. “What do I want for Valentine’s day? A boyfriend might be a good start.” —Lauren, 24

8. “Men think we want these extravagant gifts for Valentine’s Day. I don’t need you to deliver 14 dozen roses to my desk at work, I don’t want diamond earrings, or chocolate that will only force me to run an extra half hour on the tread mill. You know what I want? Something meaningful. Your love isn’t represented by the amount of roses you purchase.” —Michelle, 26

9. “How about some Sour Patch Kids or Sweet Tarts. Why chocolate? I want some sugary crap. Who says Sour Patch Kids can’t be romantic?” —Liz, 24

10. “A nice dinner with wine would suffice…Lots of wine.” —Kara, 25

11. “I just want him to make me feel important. It’s one of the few days of the year when I get to be priority.” —Valerie, 25

12. “For Valentine’s Day I want to be on The Bachelor. Obviously, that won’t happen, but a girl can dream. Ben, if you read this, and it didn’t work out with whoever wins, call me.” —Leah, 23

13. “The thought means more to me than anything. There’s not much thought that goes into chocolate or flowers.” —Gillian, 24

14. “Forget those little hearts full of chocolate, let’s do something that we’ll both remember. I want an experience for Valentine’s day, not some stupid material possession that either wilts and dies, or is binge eaten in one sitting.” —Anna, 26Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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