16 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Child That Are Somewhat Acceptable In Adulthood

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Twenty20 / esspeshal

1. Buy hot chocolate instead of coffee.

Do adults even like coffee, or do they just drink it? Other than being in dire need of caffeine, ordering a cup of bitter black water doesn’t get your tastebuds moving like a good ol cup of hot cocoa. If you really want to indulge your inner child ask for mini marshmallows.

2. Get sprinkles on your ice cream.

Or jimmies (which ever side of the spectrum you fall on). Rainbow or chocolate, nothing spruces up your ice cream like little specks of additional sugar.

3. Fill your freezer with cotton candy vodka.

You can now enjoy the flavors of childhood reincarnated in vodka. Fruit loops, Swedish Fish, Sweet Tarts, your inner child sweet tooth is now suitable for adulthood.

4. Adult coloring books.

What’s the difference between a child’s coloring book and an adult coloring book? A child colors Hello Kitty and you’re coloring some random paisley print, that’s basically the only difference. You’re still coloring (hopefully between the lines).

5. Subtle accessories with cartoon characters.

It’s weird that a Spongebob laptop case is harmless, but if you buy a Spongebob bedspread you’re instantly judged. It’s not a crime that the characters who made us happy when we were children still make us happy as adults, but when it comes to decorating your life with them, subtlety is key.

6. Go to a playground and sit on a swing.

You’ll probably receive some concerning looks if you swing from the monkey bars beside other 8 year-olds, but swinging on a swing is more universal in terms of age.

7. Sing in the shower.

Loudly. Forget about the neighbors, and your roommate.

8. Dance in your underwear.

In the privacy of your own home. Because nothing says childhood like dancing around your room in your underwear.

9. Take a bath like a kid.

Stop trying to tell yourself that you don’t want to share your bubble bath with a rubber duck. You can still use all of those fancy bath salts and set the mood with scented candles, but your inner child would love to incorporate some toys.

10. Workout by playing a sport.

Adult fitness becomes so boring. You could go to the gym, run on the treadmill, and do squats until your butt feels like it’s going to fall off, or you could go outside and kick a soccer ball around.

11. Doodle.

Remember when you were a child and grabbed a box of crayons and drew whatever came to your imagination? Your imagination is probably wilder than before so grab a pen and paper and go crazy. Try adding alcohol into the mix and your doodles may just come to life.

12. Put your money in a piggy bank.

Everyone has credit cards, but not everyone has a piggy bank. Next time you see your grandmother and she gives you a five dollar bill, put it in there, it will make you feel like a kid again. And when you forget it’s there you’ll be thrilled when you discover an extra wad of cash in a ceramic jar full of dollar bills.

13. Paint one of your walls in chalkboard paint.

Or if you’re too non-committal just buy a chalkboard. Drawing on your walls feels like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to, but now your parents aren’t around to scold you.

14. Dig up your old Gameboy.

Play Pokemon and laugh at how weird Pikachu actually is.

15. Play one of your CDs from the 90s (the actual disc, not from your phone).

Spice Girls circa 1996. N’sync circa 1997. Britney circa 1999. You know you own them.

16. Read your favorite children’s book.

You understand it so much better as an adult. Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein are fitting for all ages. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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