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17 Women Share Their Brutally Honest Thoughts On Dating Men For Their Money

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Twenty20 / ashleyartidiello
Twenty20 / ashleyartidiello

1. “If they have a lot of money, they probably did something to get that money, and motivation is attractive. When a guy works for what he has, it’s hot, and I like that.” —Anita, 24


2. “I would never date someone for the amount of money they have, but if a guy has a lot of it, it’s definitely a plus.” —Rachael, 23


3. “Okay, well let’s think about this. We’re in our twenties, and what do we do on the weekends? We go out. If a guy can’t afford to buy me a drink, then it’s probably going to be awkward when I have an empty glass in my hand and a bartender asking if I’d like another. So yes, money matters to some extent.” —JoAnna, 25


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  • Alexandra

    Love should be the priority but money does matter. I work hard and I like to reap the benefits of my hard work. I don’t want a man who isn’t as ambitious as I am. Ambition is attractive as hell. I’ve dated a man who was broke (because I loved him) and he wasn’t ambitious. We eventually ended up on different pages because I like to go out and to things that require money can he couldn’t keep up. Eventually I married a man who is super ambitious and very successful and even if he were to lose his job tomorrow I know that it wouldn’t take long for him to get back on his feet. A broke man who is afraid to work hard wouldn’t be able to do that.

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