26 Spontaneous Things You Should Do Because You’re Only Young Once

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Twenty20 / eddierioscreative

1. Ask your crush out on a date. You won’t know their answer until you ask. The worst that could happen is rejection, which you will eventually get over.

2. Dance like no one is watching. Don’t be shy. Let them watch you whip and nae nae. Even if you say you can’t dance, everyone can try.

3. Talk to a stranger. Ask them their name, how their day was, tell them a story. Chances are you have more in common than you think, and if not, it’s always good to meet new people.

4. Do something you’re scared of. Face your fear. Go on a roller coaster, watch a horror movie, hold a spider; it will feel incredible to know you can overcome it.

5. Temporarily change your appearance. Wear a wig, buy a fake nose ring, apply a temporary tattoo; it’s fun to change your appearance, and even more fun when you can do so with no commitments.

6. Play dress up. Who says dress up is only for Halloween? Wear the most ridiculous clothing possible, just because you can.

7. Do a daily activity naked (somewhere you won’t get arrested). You’re probably more likely to do this when you’re alone, but either way cooking breakfast with no pants on can feel extremely liberating.

8. Go to a psychic. Just for fun, nothing too pricey. You don’t have to believe in what they say, or take it seriously, but maybe they’ll give you some insight you’ve never heard before.

9. Write a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean. Whatever comes to your mind, a message to the future, a message to whoever finds it, anything that you’re currently yearning to share.

10. Break something to release built up anger (without hurting anyone or yourself). Throw a plate against the wall, sure you’ll have to clean it up later, but the release feels fantastic while it’s happening.

11. Start a fire, but don’t burn down any buildings. Roast marshmallows, burn sage, light sparklers. Fire is fun, as long as you’re careful.

12. Go outside in the rain. You won’t melt, it’s just rain. Be a kid again, get messy and jump in large puddles, don’t walk around them.

13. Eat ice cream out of the carton. Who needs a bowl? It tastes better straight from the carton anyway.

14. Walk barefoot. Enjoy the ground beneath your feet. Just be careful you don’t step on any sharp objects.

15. Tell a super corny joke. Sometimes it feels good to tell a joke you know isn’t funny, and sometimes you’ll get a laugh solely because it isn’t.

16. Take a road trip. Get in your car and drive. Blast whatever music your ears desire and go wherever the road takes you.

17. Leave an innocent note on the bill when you have a cute waiter/waitress. It will make them feel great and you’ll get a little rush when you think about them reading it. “Hi, I think you’re cute.” Brings you back to elementary school crushes.

18. Meet up with an old friend you haven’t seen in ages. It’s never too late to reach out and reconnect. There’s nothing like reminiscing about good times and great friends.

19. Try a sport you’ve never tried. You don’t need to be Derek Jeter to pick up a baseball bat and swing it. You’ll have fun trying something new, and even if you’re terrible you can laugh at yourself while doing it.

20. Make art. Everyone has an inner artist waiting to surface. Grab a paint brush and canvas and create whatever comes to you. Throw a chunk of clay around and let your hands create a masterpiece.

21. Start a journal. You don’t have to sit and write “Dear Diary,” every night, just jot down what inspires you!

22. Print your photos. There was a time when our photos weren’t all digital. Yes, we can see your photos on Facebook, but there’s nothing like being able to hold the physical print and view it in person. Put in a frame and you’ve just become your own personal decorator!

23. Get in front of a crowd. Perform a poem, tell a story, give a speech. Being in front of a crowd can be extremely nerve-wrecking, but it’s an experience worth learning from. The more you step outside of your comfort zone the less nervous you’ll be to venture beyond it.

24. Write down a secret you can’t tell anyone (but make sure no one sees it). Maybe you want to get a little extreme and burn it, or you can just throw it in the trash, but simply writing something down that’s been boiling up inside you can be somewhat therapeutic.

25. Do something alone. Go see that new romantic comedy by yourself. Buy a huge tub of popcorn that you won’t have to share with anyone. When you aren’t so concerned about the people you’re with it gives you a chance to really take in your surroundings. Maybe you’ll notice something you overlooked when you were too caught up in the crowd.

26. Thank someone for nothing in particular. Thank the caring friend, the supportive parent, the argumentative but loving sibling, and don’t thank them for a specific favor. Thank them for simply being there when you need them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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