9 Assumptions Men Make About Women Who Like To Have Casual Sex That Are Totally Off

Flickr / Helga Weber
Flickr / Helga Weber

1. They will sleep with anyone. Women who like to have casual sex don’t have sex with anyone; they have sex with the people they want to have sex with. Wow, imagine that!

2. They will cheat on you. Just because they have casual sex when they are single, doesn’t mean they will when they are in a relationship. A woman who enjoys casual sex isn’t addicted to it, she just enjoys it when she can. The way she conducts her sex life on her own does not affect the way she will conduct her sex life when she’s committed to you. If she finds the right guy who makes her happy, she is most certainly capable of having satisfying sex with him, and only him.

3. They are into freaky, kinky sex and have weird fetishes. Casual sex is a matter of a woman seeing something she wants and not denying herself of going after it. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with her level of kinkiness or the creative moves she has in the bedroom. Just because she has sex often, with whoever she chooses, (because that’s her perogative and no one else’s) doesn’t mean she has whips, chains, and a sex swing hanging in her closet.

4. They have low self esteem. There’s no need to feel bad for the woman who sleeps around. She’s not having sex with random people to prove to herself that she can be the object of someone’s desire. She’s most likely doing it because she wants to. She does it because she’s human and has certain feelings that need to be satisfied, AKA her horniness. She doesn’t have sex to feel better about herself, she has sex to make herself feel better, both physically and emotionally.

5. They have no self-respect. Similar to low self-esteem, this is far from true. Self respect is a balance of courage and awareness. A woman can have the strength to stand up for herself when she feels uncomfortable, and how much sex she has, has nothing to do with this.

6. They have daddy issues. Not all women who have casual sex have daddy issues. Sure, there are plenty of psychological theories and oedipal complexes that ruminate on the basis of women subconsciously looking for their fathers in a partner, but that doesn’t mean ALL women’s sex lives are dependent on how their father’s raised them and/or the presence they had in their childhood and adolescence. Every woman has different daddy circumstances, and their sex lives are not ALWAYS affected by them.

7. They have mommy issues. Along with daddy issues, people often wonder what kind of a relationship a woman has with her mother when she is having sex with whoever she wants. Certainly a mother can set a good or bad example for her daughter in terms of love and relationships, but a woman who partakes in casual sex usually isn’t looking for either of those. If she sees a man she’s attracted to, enjoys his company, and wants to have sex with him, she will (if he’s willing), and she’s most likely not thinking about her mother when this happens.

8. They are incapable of settling down or wanting to. It is a common assumption that if a woman likes to sleep around she will never want to get married or start a family. People change. They grow and learn and mature. We are not the same people we were 10 years ago, and we won’t be the same people 10 years down the road. That’s the beauty of the mess we often find ourselves in, we’re either digging ourselves further into it, or finding our way out, but in the process we are constantly learning. Women who like to have casual sex may not want to do it for the rest of their lives, and are probably learning that along the way.

9. They don’t “need” to be respected. Just because she has casual sex doesn’t mean she wants you to ask her to leave your bed as soon as the dirty deed is done, especially if you’re making her find her own way home. Women aren’t demanding chivalry with cooked breakfast and a glass of OJ in the morning, but they do deserve respect, whether they are having casual sex or not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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