12 Signs You’re Falling For Him Like You’ve Never Fallen Before

Flickr / Ryan McKee
Flickr / Ryan McKee

1. When you’re with him you never want to leave.

And when you have to, you want to be right by his side again. He makes even the most boring activities feel thrilling, and when you’re together there’s never enough time in the day.

2. There’s a lightness about you before each time you see him.

Call them butterflies, goosebumps, whatever word you use to describe that chilling weightlessness, it’s a sign you’re falling.

3. You can’t help but smile when you think about him.

When you’re with your friends and you remember that annoyingly adorable comment he made the night before, and you laugh so hard on the inside that even your eyes are smiling, your friends are completely aware of what you’re thinking. It has nothing to do with what they’re saying.

4. He’s constantly on your mind.

You wish you could talk about him all the time without being super annoying, but you resist as to remain tolerable.

5. You care what your friends think about him.

If you want your friends to like him as much as you do, there’s clearly a reason behind it.

6. You care what his friends think about you.

You know his friends are important to him, and you’d like to be important too, but this will only happen if you can all coexist in one combined setting. Chemistry with his friends is just as significant as your chemistry with him. His friends are an extended part of his life, and if you’re falling for him, you’re falling for all of him.

7. You can’t concentrate on work.

Whether you’re in school or the real world, every time you try to complete a task he enters your mind, or pops up on your phone. Every meaningless chore seems like second place to him, and if you’re being honest, you don’t mind it at all.

8. You’re comfortable enough to be your whole and honest self with him.

That inner weirdness that you shield from everyone else, he has seen it, and it’s because you’ve let that wall down (whether you’re aware of it or not). The fact that your comfortable enough to let him see a hidden side of you that only those closest to you have seen, is a sure sign your feet are already off the ground.

9. Even when you feel like crap, you still want to see him.

When you’re feeling at your worst he somehow has a way to make you feel better. Whether you’re sick, sad, or just being crazy, his smile gets you back to normal, or at least feeling like it.

10. You’re curious.

You find yourself asking him questions that you wouldn’t dare think to ask any other guy, and it’s because you’ve never met a guy quite like him. He intrigues every bone of curiosity in your body, and it feels different, but refreshing.

11. You think about the future.

Not marriage or anything drastic, but just what it would be like to be with him for even a few more months.

12. You think about the possibility of it ending.

It scares you, and you either push the thought aside, or let it take over and push him away instead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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