To The Girl Who Became My Best Friend Unexpectedly

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Greg Raines

I want you to know that you are badass. I have secretly looked up to you since we met in high school, even though you’re shorter than me. You are one of the strongest queens I have ever known in my life. Everything you are exudes the type of inner strength every woman should strive for within their lifetime. You should know how much you actually mean to me as an inspiration, a confidant, and a friend.

You are my godly sister. From the time we met to the time we developed a bond, you were always there. You are one of the reasons why my faith came back and is stronger than ever. Thank you for helping me bring religion back to my life.

Thank you for teaching me how a friendship should be. Before you came along, I never saw the value and the real meaning in what it meant to have a friend. I never understood how someone who wasn’t your family could know all your secrets and insecurities too. I did not see how that was possible.

You came into my life at the darkest time I experienced. That was when our friendship really grew. You did not even have to say the cliché comfort words that people say when someone is going through a rough time. You were just there, every single day. You treated me like it wasn’t even happening; you talked to me like it was just another day. Who knew the consistency of those small conversations we had could turn into something amazing.

Being in your life these past couple of years has been an empowering experience. You are an outstanding human being that I appreciate with my whole heart. Thank you for dealing with my sometimes unnecessary dramatic moments, my super personal but genuinely curious questions, and all of my unfortunate relationship drama before I met the one I am with right now.

I want you to know that you are more powerful in numbers than alone, you could never strive for perfection because nothing ever gets better there, and to always hold your head high because there will be a few special ones who are always going to be for you than against you.

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