This Is What The Right Guy Will Teach You

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It’s okay to tell him when you’re sad, it’s okay to tell him that he pissed you off yesterday over something small, and it’s okay to disagree with him every once in awhile. Trust me, this time he won’t run. This is the one who will put up with every bad habit you can’t help but do, the one who will tell you that you are the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen without any makeup on your face and your hair undone, the one who will be so proud he is with a strong woman rather than be intimidated by it.

He’s going to teach you that standing up for yourself is absolutely alright. He won’t talk down to you and he will not make you feel less of a woman. He’ll actually encourage you to speak your mind more because he believes communication is key. He won’t be overwhelmed, or crawl back into his corner and give you the cold shoulder for the rest of the day because you “hurt” him then make you feel guilty. There is nothing ever wrong with speaking your mind.

If a man is ever intimidated by your ability to stand your ground then he is unfortunately not the one for you.

He is going to show you the reasons why you should love the parts of yourself you normally push aside because they’re not the best you have to offer. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, this man will call you out on it and tell you that he loves it. You won’t believe him the first time around because no one has ever told you that they liked your thighs that you’ve been tirelessly trying to tone for two years. He will also see past the bitch you sometimes can be. As much as he just wants to add more fuel to the fire, he will see all the reasons why you’re being like that in the first place. He will understand that you felt hurt by the things people did to you in the past and you simply still can’t get over it yet.

He’s going to teach you that confrontation can happen without screaming, semi violence, and endless swear words. Instead it can be done with respect, honesty, and lots of patience. He’s going to teach you that it’s okay to love him as hard as possible. For a while, when you meet him up to the time you and him are at a good place in your relationship, you’ll notice that you have been holding back because of what happened in past relationships. Don’t let the wrong set of people consume you. They aren’t in your life for a reason, remember that.

Lastly, he’s going to teach how to be completely yourself.

He will love everything about you from head to toe. You don’t believe him just yet but he truly does. Be grateful for when this man arrives in your life. He is not like the rest of them that find comfort in “almost” and the ones who have still yet to learn commitment. This man knows what he wants, he has gone through and learned through all of his experiences that life has thrown at him, and he is looking for someone who has the ability to adapt to this type of fire. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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