40 Hilariously Mean Roger Ebert Reviews

9. The Beyond (1981):

“The movie is being revived around the country for midnight cult showings. Midnight is not late enough.”

10. Body of Evidence (1993):

“What about the story here? It has to be seen to be believed — something I do not advise. There’s all kinds of murky plot debris involving nasal spray with cocaine in it, ghosts from the past, bizarre sex, and lots of nudity. We are asked to believe that Madonna lives on a luxury houseboat, where she parades in front of the windows naked at all hours, yet somehow doesn’t attract a crowd, not even of appreciative lobstermen.”

11. Breaking the Rules (1992):

“”The movie has to be seen to be believed. It is a long, painful lapse of taste, tone, and ordinary human feeling. Perhaps it was made by beings from another planet, who were able to watch our television in order to absorb key concepts such as cars, sex, leukemia, and casinos, but formed an imperfect view of how to fit them together.”


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